School Board Meetings and Membership Information 

How does someone get to serve on the school board?

School board members are elected by the people of the district. Board members serve a certain zone of the district or they can be considered “at large”.

At large members can be elected by any voter that lives within the school district.

In the Centerpoint district, there are 7 board members, six of those served in zoned positions and one position at large.

When does the board meet?

The Centerpoint School Board’s regular meetings are held on the second Monday of each month when school is in session.  Any special (called) meetings, or date/time changes of regular meetings are published on the website and notice is given to the local newspapers.

What is the typical board meeting like?

There are two types of board meetings: Regular and Special meetings. Regular board meetings are required to be held every month that school is in session. The meeting agenda is prepared by the school superintendent on behalf of the board.

Board meeting agendas vary from district to district.  In the Centerpoint district, the agenda typically includes:

Special meetings are any meetings called other than a regular meeting. These meetings can be requested by the superintendent, called by members of the board, or called by a written petition.  Special meetings are usually held for a specific purpose listed in the agenda. The board may address issues not on the agenda, if the board votes to approve the change to the agenda in the meeting.  Although this is allowable by law, it is not a common practice in the district.

Board meetings follow common Parliamentary Procedure, specifically, Robert’s Rules of Order.  While board meetings are held in public, but they are not “public meetings,” meaning members of the audience are invited to observe, but not participate in the open meeting sessions.

How can a district patron address the board?

For an individual to address the board, he/she must submit a request, in writing to the Superintendent, at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting date.

The written request must be sufficiently descriptive to enable the superintendent and Board President to fully understand and evaluate its appropriateness to be an agenda item.  Such requests may be accepted, rejected, or referred back to the individual for further clarification by the superintendent.

Are there limitations on what can be discussed in a board meeting?

District policy doesn’t allow any issue to be placed on the agenda that would influence the board concerning a student or staff member matter that could come before the board for disciplinary or employment considerations, or that is in conflict with other District policy or law.

Patrons who are placed on the meeting’s agenda are allowed a brief time (five minutes) to present it to the Board, and is asked to limit his/her comments to the approve topic/issue.  By policy, board members listen to the patron’s presentation without response to the presenter during the meeting in which the presentation is made.

The board may choose to discuss the issue presented at a later meeting.

Are all meetings open to the public?

Board meetings in which a student or staff member matter of disciplinary or employment considerations are being discussed and acted upon is called a Hearing.

Disciplinary or Termination Hearings may be held in open or closed session.  Any board action in response to a hearing must be taken in open session.

Who is on the CSD board?

The current Board of Directors for the Centerpoint School District are:

Board President, Kerry Horn

Board Vice President, Charles Swain

Board Secretary, Lisa Wright

Board Member, Nan Kirksey

Board Member, Dale Sutton

Board Member, Larry Harvey

Board Member, Randy Bradford

Two year summary of board member training status as of January, 2019:


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For more information about the Centerpoint School Board, please contact Superintendent Dan Breshears.