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YA Opt- Out Form
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Young Adult Books Opt- Out Form

King George  Middle School

Motivating middle school students to read is sometimes difficult because they are not all interested in children’s literature books, yet neither are they ready for adult novels. Their interests, homework loads, and social activities are tough competitors for books. When they do read, they want to enjoy books about other teens that they can relate to on a personal level.

The American Library Association recognizes 12 to 18 year old individuals as Young Adults. Acknowledging this gap in the market, many current authors are writing specifically for this age group, and the books are labeled as YA (Young Adult) in our Library. The plot, theme, setting, and characters are created and written using mature and contemporary language in order to appeal to teens.

As Librarians and Teachers, it is apparent that many books could be considered too mature for some of our students. We respect your right as a parent to judge the maturity of your reader; therefore, all books will be made available to all students unless an Opt Out Form is signed and on file.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss any of our titles, please feel free to call our school to discuss this with the Library Media Specialists.

Parents have the right to OPT OUT of allowing their child to read books labeled as YA. Please check the corresponding box below, complete the requested information, and return to King George Middle School.  This form is applicable for the current school year only.

*** This form is ONLY required if you are choosing to Opt Out.***

 Do NOT allow my child to check out books that are labeled Young Adult (YA) from the King George Middle School library.

Student’s Full Name:         ________________________________________        Grade: _____

English Teacher:         ________________________________________

Parent Name:                 ________________________________________

Parent Phone:                 ________________________________________

Parent Email:                 _________________________________________

Parent Signature:         _________________________________________ Date: _______

*** This form is ONLY required if you are choosing to Opt Out.***