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3/25/2020 - Virtual Learning Update

3/18/2020 - Virtual Learning Day 1 Information

3/15/2020 - 8 p.m. Update - Classes Monday - WLA Closing Tuesday

3/14/2020 - 9 a.m. Update - Letter Regarding School Next Week

3/13/2020 - 8 p.m. Update

3/13/2020 - School Closure Wednesday, March 18

3/12/2020 - Suspension of Extra-Curricular Activities

3/12/2020 - Update

3/11/2020 - First Letter to WLA Families

Parent/Guardian Survey about Connectivity at Home

CDC Information About COVID-19 Virus Precautions

Wisconsin Department of Health Services COVID-19  Information

FDL County Health Department COVID-19  Information

WLA Website

WLA Scrip Office Update

The eVent is Postponed

Second Impressions Thrift Store Closed

WLA Closed to the public due to Safer at Home Order

WLA Parents and Students - Please view the video update from Principal Schroeder and the letter.  This information goes into effect on Monday, March 30, 2020.

Good morning WLA Families.  Please click on this link for a message from Principal Schroeder - Please be patient if it is not downloaded by google when you check.

2020 March 18 Parent video.webm  

Each Monday during the time that we will be in virtual learning for WLA, Principal Schroeder will post a video announcement beginning March 30.  This video will be available between 9 and 10am both in the Swiftreach announcement as well as on our WLA Youtube channel.  Enjoy today, and have a wonderful Spring Break. Blessings and stay healthy.

WLA’s The eVent for Saturday, April 25 has been postponed.  More information will be shared in the future.

WLA is closed to the public In response to the Health Order #12 issued by the Department of Health Services and signed by our Governor. WLA will be closed to the public until the Safer at Home order has been lifted.

Winnebago Lutheran Academy will follow our local school district and be in session on Monday, March 16, 2020.  In-person classes will then be suspended beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2020.  Virtual learning will begin on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.  Spring break will be from Thursday, March 19 through Sunday, March 29, 2020.  We will then begin serving our families with virtual learning on March 30, 2020.  In person classes WILL NOT resume until we have heard that it is safe to return to a normal in person school schedule.  If, as a family, you desire that your child stays home tomorrow please contact our office to excuse them.  We will always honor the decisions of our families when it comes to the safety of their children.  May God continue to bless your family with good health.  Please keep the sick and their caregivers in your prayers.  If you have any questions feel free to contact our office at 920-921-4930.

Dear Parents, Students, and Faculty,

Yesterday, in chapel, Pastor Stelter reminded us of where our help comes from.  I encourage all of you to read the words of Psalm 121, it is truly a blessing that at a time like this the WLA family was able to be encouraged that our Lord has given his promise to watch over our life.  Let’s continue to rejoice in the Lord, always!

This virus has done a great job disrupting life in the U.S. Please direct your attention to our website for continual updates (wlavikings.org).  Here is a brief outline of our schedule for the next few weeks.

May God bless us and keep all of us and our families healthy.  Little did we know when we chose the words of Philippians 4:4 that we would have a unique opportunity to live the words of our theme verse in a very special way this year.  Encourage one another, pray for the afflicted, be faithful in hope, and rejoice.   If you have any questions or desire to have a conversation about any administrative decision during the time of this crisis please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.  I will be happy to encourage you and pray with you.

In Christ,

Mr. David A. Schroeder, Principal

Winnebago Lutheran Academy

Because of the potential health risks of the Coronavirus, Second Impressions Thrift Store will be closed thru March 30.  We will tentatively re-open on March 31.

You may follow us on Facebook for additional information.   We thank you all for your support, patience and understanding.  Your health is our main concern.  

God's blessings to you and your loved ones.

Thank you!

Fay Boelk, Manager

Second Impressions Thrift Store

All public and private Wisconsin schools have been ordered closed beginning March 18, 2020, with an anticipated reopening on April 6, 2020 (subject to change).  Winnebago Lutheran Academy will be following this mandate.

School will remain in session as normal on Monday, March 16, 2020 and Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

As announced earlier March 18th, 2020 will be a special in-service to allow the faculty to make preparations for online learning following our normally scheduled Spring Break (Thursday, March 19-Friday, March 27).

Parents should ensure that their children bring home their Chromebooks, chargers, and textbooks.  WLA will be accessible on Wednesday, March 18, from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. in case a student was unable to bring home their necessary items.

All extra-curricular, after school, and other activities continue to be suspended until further notice.

For further updates, continue to visit our Facebook page and our website wlavikings.org

The WLA Scrip Office will also be closed on Wednesday, March 18.  To order WLA Scrip Online please go to www.shopwithscrip.com and use the code B4F3BBL817984

School will be canceled March 18th, 2020 to allow the faculty to have an inservice day.  This inservice will allow teachers to make preparations in case the need arises for online learning to take place.

Parents should ensure that their children bring home their Chromebooks, chargers, and textbooks today in case of a full school closure beginning Monday.  Students have also been instructed to do this.  WLA will be accessible on Wednesday, March 18, (or Monday, March 16) from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. in case a student was unable to bring home their necessary items.

All extra-curricular, after school, and other activities continue to be suspended until further notice.

The WLA Scrip Office is closed indefinitely.  Scrip will not be available for purchase or pick-up at WLA until classes resume. Purchases may still be made online for downloadable scrip cards. Use the link below if you need assistance setting up an online account.  To order WLA Downloadable Scrip Online please go to www.shopwithscrip.com and use the code B4F3BBL817984  

WLA Scrip Online Information

WLA Scrip Retailer List

Out of an abundance of caution surrounding COVID-19 WLA is indefinitely suspending the public theatre performances of Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical scheduled for Thursday, March 12, Friday, March 13, Saturday, March 14, and Sunday, March 15.  In addition, all extracurricular activities, including the scheduled trip to Washington D.C. next week, have been suspended indefinitely.  Additional information will follow.

At WLA we are monitoring the COVID-19 virus and its spread globally.  A letter was shared with our school families.  That letter can be found later in this update.  Any important or urgent communication will continue to be shared through our normal mobile, email, and social media channels.  For the most up to date information about the spread of the virus please see the CDC website. (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html)

As Christians, we may wonder how we are to respond.  As always we turn to the Word of God where he reveals his will to us.  There he reminds us that our times are in his hands (Psalm 31:15) and so we trust him and his good and gracious will (Psalm 62:8).  In his Word he also reminds us that he has placed us into families and communities in order to love and care for those around us (Matthew 22:39).  And so as parents, teachers, pastors, doctors, nurses, government employees, friends, neighbors, etc. we will help and serve our neighbors knowing that we are serving Christ who sacrificed himself for us (John 10:15; 1 John 3:16; Matthew 25:40).  When we have helped those we are able to help we are also reminded that we will care for our own bodies (Ephesians 5:29; 1 Corinthians 12:21-26).  So we will take the necessary precautions and use the appropriate medicines and intelligence that God has provided to guard and take good care of our bodies so that we can live in good health.  

In all things we will trust in God’s mercy, serve and help as Christ has served us, be smart and take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and others, and trust that God’s good and gracious will is done.

God bless you and keep you!

Dear Parents,

We pray this message finds you doing well. As you are well aware, the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is dominating the news’ headlines as it continues to spread. While this virus is a serious one, and precautions need to be in place, it is also important to consider the facts and ensure they come from reliable resources. News outlets, social media, and other communication forms are sharing all kinds of information and not all of it is accurate. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local government health departments are the most reliable and accurate sources of information. We encourage you to look to these sources for your information.

Winnebago Lutheran Academy is monitoring this serious global situation. We continue to make quality and effective hygiene a top priority throughout our facility. Our staff will continue to be faithful in encouraging our WLA family to maintain a healthy, clean environment.

As you can imagine, there are many thoughts and ideas about what should or should not be done during this time. WLA is prepared to act and respond according to directives and information communicated from the CDC and/or the Fond du Lac County Health Department. We will be in close consultation with national and county health professionals should there be reason to consider the health of our school population. At the same time, we understand your role as parents. We also understand that each child and family has different needs and circumstances that affect how you respond to the situation surrounding the coronavirus. We are taking measures that are in line with the recommendations from the experts. If these local health experts and community leaders ever communicate a need to stop extra-curricular activities, group gatherings, or even school in general, we will be ready and willing to comply. We also will support your decision as a parent in terms of how your family chooses to respond to the situation.

The health and safety of our students, staff, and families is one of our top priorities. We will continue to monitor the situation and respond in an appropriate manner. We will continue to place our trust and confidence in our all-powerful God who has control over all things, including the coronavirus. We ask for his continued protection over our campus family and all affected by this outbreak.

In Christ,

Mr. David A. Schroeder, Principal Winnebago Lutheran Academy

CDC Information About COVID-19 Virus Precautions

2019/2020 Novel Coronavirus Fact Sheet - PDF DOWNLOAD