Trip to MOTAT.

What did we do yesterday? (add in some technology, add in some transport.) This activity was as exciting as Guy Fawkes day! Need some help? Yes, I can give you a clue. (The clue is it starts with an M, ends with a T.) If you guessed MOTAT that is correct! I liked the game room in a bubble (that’s why it’s called The Bubble.). There were three games that worked. There was even one that had a real keyboard. The other two needed to be fixed. One of them had an error with the game controller, the other had the game controller to go poof and make it disappear! I saw the movie room. It only had a 3-D eyeball and a TV screen. You thought the eyeball was a projector, right? I'm afraid the answer is no! Our educator is called John. I was sooooooooooo, sooooooo happy at the end of the trip.