DApp Live Beta

Maker Agreement and Onboarding Process


Steps to Come Aboard:

  1. Submit: Beta Onboarding Request Form 

  1. Acceptance of Beta user agreements
  1. Understanding of commitment
  2. Obtaining a Giveth sponsor
  3. Establishing level of experience
  1. Building your team and collaborative partnerships
  1. Assigning Roles (see Product Definition in Wiki)
  2. Creating Campaigns and Milestones (see this Medium article)
  3. Do I need a DAC and Delegate? (see Glossary)
  4. Registering as a User on Giveth is easy! 
  1. Engaging with DApp community
  1. Talk about your project in Communities room
  2. Participate in Giveth meetings of choice such as Communication or Governance
  3. Attend Beta Projects weekly meeting
  4. Collaborate with DApp Development group on testing

  1. Construct your Campaign and Milestones in a shared document

  1. Simple and recognizable name for your project
  2. Text for description that includes:
  1. Problem being addressed
  2. Social Impact opportunity
  3. Vision and mission of entity
  4. Actionable goals that map to milestones
  5. General budget, how funds support the social impact
  6. How to get involved or contact someone for more details

  1. Practice: Test, Learn, and Get Feedback 

  1. Set up Campaign in release.giveth.io
  1. Share in DApp Beta Users Riot room (by invitation)
  2. Gather feedback from sponsor and beta group
  3. Adjust and reiterate as needed
  1. Complete Milestone Workflows
  1. Create Milestones
  2. Test functionality of donating, delegating
  3. Perform Reviews including edits and requests
  4. Approve Milestones and disburse
  1. Submit Bug Reports and Feature Requests
  1. Email your issues to: bugs@giveth.io
  1. What action were you taking?
  2. What did you expect to happen?
  3. What actually happened?
  4. Include screenshots
  5. Announce issue reported in DApp Development room

  1. Communicate:  Develop promotion and funding strategy

  1. Schedule ‘go live’ on Beta
  1. Prepare media announcements
  1. Medium article, Blog posts
  2. Twitter, LinkedIn, Blockchain media
  1. Announce to Giveth Galaxy in Communication room
  2. Share advance information to community & partners
  1. Giveth is not a marketing or promotion community
  2. Identify your giving community and build relationships with existing organizations, networks, social channels etc.

  1. Complete: User Feedback Form

  1. Obtain Giveth Sponsor go ahead
  2. Create Beta accounts
  3. Move (copy/paste) your project into Beta
  4. Share in Communities Riot room
  5. Activate communication plan for ‘go live’!