MARSH, ALBERT 42511 Private 9th Battalion 56th Brigade 19th Division


Born Preston Enlisted Preston Living Leyland

Killed in Action  France / Flanders  30th September 1918

Formerly 14900 Royal Lancaster Regiment

Ref: ‘Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919’, Part 28.

Chorley Guardian and Leyland Hundred Advertiser Sat. 26th October 1918

Information has been received by Mrs Marsh, 13 Balfour Street (sic, see later), Leyland of the death in action on Sept. 30th, 1918, of her husband L/Cpl (sic) Albert Marsh, Royal Welch Fusiliers.

He was 31 years of age and joined the King’s Own Lancaster Regiment in October 1914, afterwards being transferred to the Royal Welch Fusiliers.

Writing to Mrs Marsh his officer says: “His loss is felt in the platoon by both officers and men. He was well liked and respected by all, and proved himself a good N.C.O. and true soldier in every way. I beg to express sympathy on behalf of myself and the men in your sad bereavement.” In civil life he was a driller at Leyland Motors (a similar report is in the Preston Guardian of the same date, but with the correct address – 13 Balcarres Road, Leyland.).

Leyland St. Andrew’s Parish Magazine – December 1918

In the Memorial Service held on Thursday evening November 21st, 1918, Albert Marsh, of the Royal Welch Fusiliers, is recorded as having died from wounds October 5th, 1918.

Albert Marsh’s name appears on the following local memorials:-

War Memorial, Church Road, Leyland

Mural Plaque in St. Andrew’s, Leyland

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

With no known grave, Albert Marsh is commemorated on the:-


Men of the Welsh Fusiliers are commemorated on Panels 50 to 52. No next-of-kin information. Loos-en-Gohelle is a village about 5 km north-west of Lens. The Loos Memorial, which forms part of Dud Corner Cemetery, is about 1 km west of the village on the main road from Béthune to Lens.

Register of Electors, Leyland – 1918

St. Andrew’s Ward Division II  13 Balcarres Road   Marsh, Albert   Naval / Military Vote

Leyland St. Andrew’s Parish Magazine – October 1908

Married – September 12th, 1908: Albert Marsh to Alice Wiggans both of Leyland.

Leyland St. Andrew’s Parish Magazine – December 1918

Baptised – November 7th, 1918: Mary Alice Daughter of Albert Marsh and his  wife Alice.

Note 1:- Capt. E. A. James’s ‘Records’ does not show the 19th Division involved in any major engagement at the time of Albert Marsh’s death; presumably, he died in trench warfare in the general region of Loos-en-Gohelle as he is commemorated on the memorial there.

Note 2:- The address 13 Balcarres Road is, unusually, the same today as it was in 1918.

Note 3:- Although the Chorley Guardian report and officer’s letter give Albert Marsh’s rank as Lance Corporal, both ‘Soldiers Died’ and the C.W.G.C. give him as Private. It may be that at the time of his death he was an ‘acting’ N.C.O.. Note also that the Parish Magazine records his death as October 5th and as having ‘died from wounds’, again at odds with ‘Soldiers Died’ and ‘C.W.G.C.’: one can only surmise on which is correct, but the military record takes precedence.

Marsh, Albert. WE Waring 2003