Game Assignments: Conflicts of Interest

Applicability – CTGHSLL and CAPLAX contracted games

I. An official shall not knowingly accept an assignment of a contest if any of the following exist:

a. If the assignment did not come through the CTWLOO Assigner. Any official not complying with this provision will not be considered a CTWLOO member in good standing and will not be eligible for district or state championship tournament assignments, or any other post season assignments.

b. If the official is not an active member of CTWLOO.

c. The official is currently coaching and/or otherwise affiliated with any member program within the same Division as either of the participating teams, if the game counts toward Division rankings.

d. If the official or the official’s spouse is employed by or is helping with any member program         a team involved in a contest in that Division for that Spring season. For programs composed of students from multiple schools this restriction applies to any of the participating schools.

e. If the official is related by blood or marriage (parent, stepparent, grandparent, child, stepchild, grandchild, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, nephew/niece, resident of the same household) to a person affiliated with a team involved in a contest.

f. If the official and any person affiliated with a team involved in a contest are currently teammates or roommates.

g. If the official or the official's spouse attended or worked at either school or member program, for a period of time equal to the length of employment up to a maximum of two years. For programs composed of students from multiple schools this restriction applies to any participating schools.

h. If the official has a child in school in one of the involved schools, or a child who graduated from one of the schools within the previous 2 years. For programs composed of students from multiple schools this restriction applies to any of the participating schools.

II. An official who has coached or been affiliated with any skills development program or club or select travel team must advise the Assigner and LBC in writing, of all known conflicts of interest with member programs normally served from January 1 through September 30 of the current year by CTWLOO prior to the Assigner making any assignments for the season. This list will be provided to all coaches at the fall meeting for the contracting associations (CTGHSLL and CAPLAX). The coaches will be offered an opportunity to request in writing that the official not be assigned to their games during the upcoming season.

III. In the event the Assigner was not made aware of a conflict in accordance with II, the official shall notify the Assigner of all conflicts upon receipt of the schedule and the official shall not accept an assignment without first insuring compliance with the provisions of this section. The official may be removed from the contest or tournament without penalty.

IV. In the event a conflict with these provisions becomes known after acceptance of the contest, the official shall make such conflict known to the Assigner as soon as practicable. The Assigner shall inform both head coaches of the possible conflict and may assign a new official unless both head coaches agree to waive any of the above provisions (excluding I.a. and I.b.) and they agree to the assignment. There will be no penalty to the official.

IV. If an official works a contest in violation of any of these provisions they may be placed on probation, suspended or terminated from membership in the CTWLOO.

V. All of the above provisions accept the provisions of I.a. andI.b. above may be waived by mutual consent of the head coaches.

CTWLOO – 13 January 2019