What actually happens in Fortnite: Part 3: Brite Bomber

        Previously: The default skin got the 1st victory royale.  Then his player purchased the Raven skin. 363 victory royales later, their player is not using the Raven skin anymore. They are using the Brite Bomber now.

        Me, the Bright Bomber, is the cutest, most skilled Fortnite skin ever, and I proved that to that little Cuddle Team Leader.  I was just going into squads fill, expecting nothing, when all of a sudden, I saw that a Cuddle Team Leader was my teammate. In the lobby, she came up to me and we started arguing over who was cuter and who was a better Fortnite player.  We had a contest.  Whoever got the most kills was cuter and better:

When we got onto the battle bus, I told her that I was going to go Tilted Towers.  She said she was going to go Pleasant Park, because it was 1st jump. When I jump off, I decide I am going to land the Clock Tower.  When I get there, somebody else is already there. We have a pickaxe fight and I win.  I get 2 chests and I got a Purple Pump and a Chug Jug. In the chest below that, I get a green Assault Rifle. Then, I go out to get kills.

I look and see that the Cuddle Team leader already had 4 kills. This was going to be harder that I thought.  I don’t see anyone for a while.  Then, I saw a full squad that already killed both of my other teammates. Which I was fine with me because they were defaults. I Pumped one and then sprayed him with my Assault Rifle.  Then, one of them throws Dynamite at me and I get out of the way.  Then I killed them with my Assault Rifle.  Next, I had to deal with the best player on their team.  We had a big build battle but I ended up killing him, and his last teammate.  I bragged to the Cuddle Team Leader that I just wiped a squad, but then she said that she killed all of Pleasant Park.

I look up at the screen and it said that she had 13 kills! There are only 39 people left.  She got 2 more kills, but then, she got knocked down and eliminated with 16 kills.  I only had 7 kills.  There was still 1 squad left in Tilted Towers and I got them, 11 kills! The Cuddle team leader starts talking trash about me to the other players on are team. By now, I have 4 spectators. There are only 22 people left.  I need to go into the storm eye so I take a launch pad and go into the circle. I see 2 people below me and I have a blue Hunting Rifle, so I decide to snipe them. I hit a headshot and knock one down and then I go and rush the other one and I kill them. Then I got out my assault rifle, And started to run to the eye of the storm, 13 Kills.

I got over just in time for the storm to catch up to me and saw a guy in the distance and took the shot, risking my hiding spot when I hit him I thought that I missed but it said 275 in blue letters, I GOT HIM” I yelled” and it said eliminated Streamer(457) and at the side bar it said I eliminated him and his team mate. His team mate must of got knocked before I could get to them but that’s fine by me two kills, 15 kills. I need one more I say to myself and I am off to sandy steps, I bet there are people there so I go to the mountain to snipe them, 12 people left, only need 2 kills. I see a squad start building up but only two of them so I wait for the other two to come out of there hiding, and I get my wish here they come out I whisper and BOOM, one headshot, Reload, BOOM, two headshots, two down, two to go. I start building over to them to wipe the rest of the squad and knocked one and knocked two.

                                                        I WON