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MINUTES July 20, 2020 Regular Mtg
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July 20, 2020

Administration Office

Immediately following the Organizational meeting



I.          RECONVENE FROM ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING:                       

A.   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF VISITORS:                                           





A.             Minutes of the June 15, 2020 Truth-in-Budget and June 17, 2019 Regular board meetings were approved.

B.          Approved bills paid as of June 2020.  Checks #131957-132159        

Accounts Payable                      $1,032,137.90

Payroll:                                      $4,137,042.07

TOTAL:                                $5,169,179.97

Rick Dernberger moved and Ron Scott supported the motion to accept the Consent Calendar as presented.


VOTE: All Yes


V.             DISCUSSION

A.   Refunding of Bonds Resolution , as prepared by Thrun Law

The ZPS Board previously approved the refinancing of portions of the 2012 and 2015 bonds  with the opportunity to save the taxpayers at minimum of $1,160,000.  That process is now concluded. We have great news to share with our community - the former rate was 4.5%, the refinance rate was 2.2%.   Total savings to taxpayers is $1.9 million.    I congratulate and thank Lynn VanKampen, CFO of Zeeland Public Schools; Jeffrey J. Soles, Esq. of Thrun Law Firm, P.C.; Paul R. Stauder, Nathaniel A. Watson, Aaron Wright of PFM Financial Advisors LLC; Nicole Cinquegrana of Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp.; Jeffrey A. Zylstra, Brodie Killiank, Annette Jones, Bobby Jarosz of Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated; Thomas D. Colis, Esq. of Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, P.L.C.; Ellen M. Campbell, Patrick J. O'Donnell, Eric Meulenberg of The Huntington National Bank.    

B.  ZPS Preparedness Plan

As public officials, we all are bound, to the best of our abilities, to enact the Executive Orders that pertain to education.  Zeeland Public Schools is mandated to build a Preparedness Plan in order to return to school this fall whether   Our plan must match the bipartisan  Michigan Safe Schools Roadmap to open schools.  ZPS Plans to offer Face to Face and Remote Learning options.

This is an opportunity to brief the Board of Education on process to date.  We expect a rollout Tuesday, July 21 or Wednesday, July 22.  To discuss the details will

This is a good summary of the process to date:

Study the 63 pages of Governor Whitmer’s bipartisan Michigan Safe Schools Roadmap.   

Participated in numerous legal, education based, and health based webinars, zoom sessions, regional and state-wide meetings.  Studied more supporting documents that we can count.

Additionally, four ZPS Focus Groups met bi-weekly for the past month to consider local survey results, consider the Roadmap Phases 3,4,5 Requirements, Strong Recommendations, and Recommendations.  Their work was forwarded to a ZPS team made up of the chairpersons of each Focus Group, ZEA leadership, and the Cabinet team with significant input from the Ottawa County Health Department.  At the same time, all of us have been meeting with our local counterparts of most Ottawa County Districts and Schools.   We did have an opportunity for discussion at the Policy and Goals Committee meeting.

ZPS Focus Groups

      Curriculum, Instruction & Technology

      Facilities & Operations

      Wellness & Social Emotional Support

      Community Connections, Communication & Extra Curricular

The Cabinet group is currently writing  the ZPS COVID-19 Preparedness & Response Plan .  This plan must be approved by the ZPS Board of Education by August 15th.  I anticipate a special meeting.  

We will be finalizing this afternoon, perhaps tomorrow morning, and I am planning to announce the plans tomorrow or Wednesday of this week.

VI.           ACTION:


Mark Snyder moved and Todd Brennan supported the motion to approve the resolution presented by Thrun Law Firm ratifying the sale of the 2020 Refunding Bonds.

ROLL CALL:        YEA:    Brennan, Bush, Dernberger, DenHerder, Dewitt, Scott, Snyder



  1. Common  platform for tech based instruction



The regular meeting of July 20, 2020 adjourned at 1:00 P.M.