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CS3651 Spring 2018 Syllabus
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CS 3651 - Prototyping Intelligent Appliances

Spring 2018

TR 9:30AM - 10:45AM

CCB 337

Staff Contact


Dr. Thad Starner   (please include [cs3651] in subject line)

Teaching Assistants

Chad Ramey  (please include [cs3651] in subject line)

Marc Lacayo (please include [cs3651] in subject line)

Course Overview

CS 3651, Prototyping Intelligent Appliances, is designed to provide a practical, hands-on

experience to device development. The course material focuses on elementary electronics

building, microcontroller development, hand skills, and inventive problem solving.

Grading Policy

10% Quizzes

● Quizzes may occasionally be given to assess completion of readings and other

pre-class learning activities assigned.

40% Skill Demos

● Much of the course will focus around applying the lessons learned from readings and

other pre-class learning activities. These demonstrations will be assigned in class, and

will be due by the beginning of class on the date indicated.

● 10% of the possible points for the assignment will be deducted for each class period of

delay in the submission of a skill demonstration.

50% Class Project

● The latter segment of the course will focus on the completion of an independent group

project that relates to the materials covered in this course. The project grade will be

subdivided as follows:

○ 30% Work

○ 10% Presentation

○ 10% Documentation

Letter Grades

Letter grade assignments are given according to the following cutoffs with no rounding:

● 90.0 <= A

● 80.0 <= B < 90.0

● 70.0 <= C < 80.0

● 60.0 <= D < 70.0

● 0 <= F < 60.0

Lab Hours/Access

Upon completion of the safety overview (in class), students will be given Buzzcard access to the

CCB laboratory. The CCB is locked outside of normal class/business hours, so access may be

limited overnight.

In addition, instructors will be in the lab at certain times (in addition to during scheduled class

time) to provide support for completing coursework. Currently, these hours are as follows, but see the home page on t-square for the most up-to-date information:

Chad: Thurs 3:15pm-5:15pm, Weds 10:30-12:30  CCB337

Marc: Mon 1:15-2:45, Thurs 3:00-6:00 CCB337

Thad: Mon 6:00pm-8:00pm TSRB239  Thurs 11-11:30 CCB337 if there is no invited faculty candidate talk. See Thad's travel on his web page

Access to other lab spaces, such as the GVU Prototyping Lab, is given at the discretion of the

lab manager associated with the space.

Course Expectations

1. Keep up with the readings and videos. These should be completed before class on

the date indicated on the Calendar.

2. Take responsibility for your coursework submissions; it is your job to make sure that

you successfully turned in what you meant to turn in. Be sure to verify your submission.
        It is how you make sure that you get credit for the work you do.

3. Be prepared when you go to get help from a TA or your instructor. Bring your work

with you.

4. Expect to leave some time free during the open lab hours. If you have other classes schedule during all of these hours, let us know.

5. Take initiative. Begin your assignments early and if you think you need help, come prepared. Use the resources that are provided for you, and be determined to succeed from the start.

6. Read, understand, and follow the Georgia Tech Academic Honor Code