MCA’s Dual Credit Partners’ Services for Students with Disabilities

As a college student, the student must self-identify as a student with a diagnosis and need for accommodations. Professors can only provide accommodations approved in advance by the college’s office of disability services. You should visit the website for each college you will enroll in and read the details of their procedures and policies. Requests should be submitted by the student to the college before classes begin and at the earliest opportunity.

LeTourneau University:  

Students with learning disabilities enrolled in an institution of higher education are required to self-identify if they would like to request academic support services on the basis of a disability. LeTourneau University encourages a student with a disability to self-identify after admission and to provide required documentation to the Office of Support Services.

Office of Student Support Services :


(903) 233-4471

John Brown University:

Office of Disability Services

Mr. Jarrod Heathcote, Coordinator of Disability Services

E-mail at 


Accommodations are available but must be requested by the student with the disability. JBU has established a set of procedures that should be followed by all students seeking accommodations to ensure a timely response to their requests. Visit the website for further details.