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From the Creators of 18 Seaboard & Harvest 18

Fresh Southwestern

@ Park West Village

Catering Menu


3305 Village Market Place Morrisville, NC | 919.694.5618


Cantina 18 Lunch Box / $10.95

Each box includes fresh tortilla chips with house-made salsa

and our pastry chef’s sweet dessert of the day.

  Q u e s a d i l l a   B o x    

onions & peppers | pepper jack cheese

charred corn relish  | white cheddar cheese

white cheddar cheese | grilled red onions

black beans | pepper jack cheese | Cantina 18 house guacamole

 pepper jack | white cheddar cheese | queso fresco | mozzarella


 B u r r i t o   B o x

Black beans, verde rice, shredded cheese, and sour cream.

(guacamole +0.75)

Cantina 18 Taco Bar

(minimum 8 people)

Perfect for large groups, we design our taco bars to cater all of your party needs. The possibilities are endless.

Includes your choice of proteins, two side options, choice of hard or soft-shell tortillas, cheddar cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream. We recommend adding the Salad Option to complete your bar. Chips and salsa are included.  

Per Person : $10.95 /  Two $12.95 /  Three:  $14.95

Choose up to three proteins:

Choose Two Sides:

Verde Rice |___                      Black Beans |___

Refried  Beans |___                     Southwestern Slaw |___

 Add a Salad to complete the meal (+1.95/per person)

Fresh Romaine Lettuce |___            Sunny Creek Lettuce |___

Included  Salad Toppings  

Black Beans | Pico De Gallo | White Cheddar | Red Onions | Cucumbers | Avocado slices (+1.00)

Included Salad Dressings 

 buttermilk ranch | cilantro-lime vinaigrette


Drinks (Gallon) 3.00

Sweet Tea |__                Unsweet Tea |__

Pink Lemonade |___

Ask about availability in our private dining spaces for business meetings, wedding rehearsal dinners or any special function.

Established In March 2010 By Chef-Proprietor Jason Smith and wife Lauren Smith, Cantina 18 searches relentlessly for the freshest seasonal ingredients from North Carolina farms and purveyors for our take on Southern Tex cuisine.

Over 75% of our menu is locally sourced. Cantina 18 is a family-friendly neighborhood favorite. We provides great food, creative drink options, outdoor seating and phenomenal customer service.