MGA Hole-In-One Club Information

  1. Participation: Totally optional. $5.00 per player. You may join when you pay your annual dues or anytime during the year, up to the Member/Member Tournament.

  1. Details:  For MGA members at MGA sponsored events only. All money collected will be distributed at the Fall Meeting and divided equally among all who have made a hole-in-one. If none were made, a drawing for all Hole-In-One Club members will be done. There will be no carryover to next year.

  1. Eligibility: You must have joined before making a hole-in-one, have at least one witness, and made it on your first stroke of the hole from your normal tee box or farther. (i.e., only Gold players can get one from the gold tees, only Gold or Silver players from the silver tees, and everyone from the white or blue tees.) However, in an event where multiple tees are used (B,W,G) or (W,S,G) or any charity fundraiser, a hole-in-one from any of the tees is allowed.

Rev 01-2019