• Efficiency of halftime show
  • Cryo Jets functioning
  • Riser setup
  • Rotation of councils
  • Spirit Week results during halftime
  • Rushed homecoming court
  • Need for more room in student section
  • Powder
  • Confusion on whether microphones are available for use
  • Lack of cheers 3rd and 4th quarter
  • Lack of audience interaction
  • Miscommunication between Cheer and crowd

  • More asb members with music
  • Buying placard holders
  • Using different powder composition
  • Announce 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st
  • Have available auxiliary crew for set up
  • For future years, it is very important to integrate new ASB members working the homecoming game, so there's a large group of people assisting.
  • Choreographing the field
  • Introduce late game incentives