District or Charter School Name

St. Mary’s School, North Vernon

Section One:  Delivery of Learning

  1. Describe how you will deliver continuous learning opportunities for all students, including special student populations.

St. Mary’s School will be opening to in-person learning on August 6, 2020.  Students will attend classes in a traditional classroom setting.  Students will remain in the same classroom throughout the day with the exception of the middle school classes.  The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade will switch classes two times each day; classrooms, tables, and chairs will be disinfectant during transition times.

In the event that we are required by either a state or local mandate to transition to virtual learning, Teachers will use Google Classroom to deliver eLearning lesson plans and assignments.  Teachers will use Google Meet to host online instruction; they will also use pre-recorded videos found via the internet and also self-recorded videos to provide the direct instruction component.  

  1. Describe how your district communicates expectations for continuous learning implementation to 1. ) students, 2.) families, and 3.) staff.

Teachers use the following methods to communicate with students:  Google Classroom, email, and Google Meet.

Teachers and administration use the following methods to communicate with families:  website, our data management system, email, text messages, and phone calls.

The school is communicating with the staff using the following methods:   email, text messages, phone calls, and Zoom meetings.

  1. Describe student access to academic instruction, resources, and supports during continuous learning.

All students will have the opportunity to learn in a face-to-face classroom setting.  St. Mary’s School is a one-to-one building with all students in grades K-8 having their own device.  Students in grades K-8 have an email account assigned by the school and will have experience with Google Classroom.    Students also have access to their textbooks.  

  1. What equipment and tools are available to staff and students to enable your continuous learning plan? Please list.

Student equipment and tools:

  1. All students in grades K-8 have a chromebook and charger.
  2. Google Classroom
  3. Google Meet
  4. Google Forms
  5. Math textbook
  6. Reading textbook
  7. Science textbook
  8. Digital resources provided by textbook companies
  9. IXL
  10. Studies Weekly (Social Studies & Science)
  11. Newsela
  12. Story Works/Scope (Scholastic supplemental reading material) & online digital resources
  13. Teacher created packet
  14. Dry erase board
  15. Picture books and novels
  16. Art/project supplies including glue sticks, scissors, rulers, crayons

Teacher equipment and tools:

  1.  All teachers in grades K-8 have a surface tablet and charger.
  2. Google Classroom
  3. Google Meet
  4. Google Forms
  5. Math teacher manual
  6. Reading teacher manual
  7. Science teacher manual
  8. Digital resources provided by textbook companiesMath teacher manual

  1. Describe how educators and support staff are expected to connect with students and families on an ongoing basis.

Teachers are expected to connect with the students on a daily basis.  A direct instruction component of each lesson is expected to be posted or hosted live using either Google Meet or Zoom.  When live meetings are hosted with students, a support staff is also invited to those meetings and expected to attend to help with supervision.  Daily assignments are also emailed to parents in the primary grades to ensure expectations are communicated and received.  Teachers are also expected to regularly update grades using our students management system; parents are encouraged to check in regularly to monitor their child’s progress.  

The principal is sending “morning announcements” on a daily basis.  We are using this to begin our day as we always do with prayer and pledge and also to communicate with students and parents.  The weekly school newsletter is still being sent to parents via email.

  1. Describe your method for providing timely and meaningful academic feedback to students.

Teachers are grading assignments as they are submitted and updating grades in JupiterEd, our student management system.  Teachers are also sending emails and text messages when assignments are submitted incomplete or unsatisfactory so that these can be redone and resubmitted.  Teachers are checking student progress daily and making phone calls to parents of students who are missing assignments.

Section Two:  Achievement and Attendance  

  1. Does your continuous learning plan provide an avenue for students to earn high school credits? If so, describe the approach.

We have eighth graders receiving high school credit in Algebra I and forieign language.   Students in those classes are continuing and completing the course work required to receive credit.

  1. Describe your attendance policy for continuous learning.

Teachers are taking daily attendance in class.  In the event that we are required to transition to virtual learning, teachers will take daily attendance based on student responses.  The majority of the students are checking in via Google Classroom.  Those few students with limited internet access are checking in using an agreed upon system (for example, a text message, email, etc.)

  1. Describe your long-term goals to address skill gaps for the remainder of the school year.

St. Mary’s School will be taking a three phase approach as we return to in-person learning.  Teachers will begin by reviewing the previous grade standards that were covered from August to March.  They will determine any gaps and spend time working with flexible groups to give extra instruction to those not meeting mastery based on assessment.  Phase two will focus on the previous grade standards that may or may not have been taught from March to May.  Again, flexible grouping will give extra instruction to those struggling students or students not meeting mastery.  Finally, Phase three will allow teachers to resume the year and focus on the current grade level standards.

Section Three:  Staff Development

  1. Describe your professional development plan for continuous learning.

Teachers will attend weekly PLC meetings where discussions will focus on student needs and research based strategies and interventions.  Monthly staff meetings will also provide professional development to teachers.