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  1. DATE
  1. The District 8 Athletic Association Girls' Soccer Schedules shall be played in the months April to June unless extraordinary circumstances dictate a change.
  2. The Girls’ Soccer season will begin on March 1st and conclude on the last date of the OFSAA Championship. Exceptions will be made for those players participating in any post-season all-star or benefit games which have been approved by the District 8 Athletic Association.
  1. The location of regular season and playoff games shall be determined by available facilities
  2. The location of the games shall be as they appear in the official schedule released by District 8 Athletic Association unless extraordinary circumstances dictate a change.
  1.  There shall be one (1) competitive division designated as ‘Open’
  1. The District 8 Girls Soccer League will consist of one (1) division playing a single or double round robin schedule (unless otherwise determined by the District 8 Board of Directors and/or Seasonal Committee and/or Athletic Coordinator & League Convenor prior to play commencing).
  2. Visiting teams should not arrive at the game site more than forty-five (45) minutes prior to the starting time.
  3. Playing facilities and visitor dressing room facilities should be set up and available at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the games' starting time.
  4. Home team will report the game results to District 8 (www.district8.ca) within 30 minutes of final whistle (login and password for website provided by school’s Athletic Director)
  1. Finals scores will be entered online with a maximum goal differential of seven.
  1. The game sheet must be delivered (via fax or e-mail as a PDF – email preferred) to the Convenor no later than 24 hours following the final whistle (home team is responsible)

  1. PLAY0FFS 
  1. The playoffs shall consist of at least a semi-final round and championship final round. A final playoff format will determined prior to season play commencing by the District 8 Board of Directors and/or Seasonal Committee
  2. In the event of a tie for the final play-off position, the following tie-breaking procedure will be used:
  1. the win-loss record of the teams tied against each other;
  2. if still tied, points for and against each other;
  3. if still tied, the win-loss record against higher ranked teams;
  4. if still tied, the points for and against higher ranked teams;
  1. If three (3) teams are tied:
  1. the win-loss record of the teams tied against each other;
  2. if still tied, points for and against each other;
  3. if still tied, the win-loss record against higher ranked teams;
  4. if still tied, the points for and against higher ranked teams;
  5. if still tied, the team with best point spread will receive a bye the remaining two teams must play a sudden death game. The team winning the sudden death game must play against the team receiving the bye in a sudden game. The winner of the second sudden game will advance to the play-offs.
  1. For play-off positions other than the final play-off position the following tie-breaking procedure will be used:
  1. win-loss record of tied teams against each other;
  2. if still tied, the win-loss records against higher ranked teams;
  3. if still tied, points for and against each other including only the teams tied;
  4. if still tied, a toss of a coin shall decide the final standings;
  5. In a situation where more than two teams are tied, the process indicated above will be used to find the higher place finisher and then the process will repeat itself among the remaining teams still tied.

  1. if a team forfeits a game or games, and if that team is tied with other teams at the end of the schedule, then that team would be relegated to the lower standing between the teams tied. In the event of a forfeit, the point spread rule is not used.
  2. All playoff games will be an elimination game, requiring overtime to determine a winner.
  3. District-8 Championship location is to be determined by the District 8 Board of Directors.
  1. Expenses and finances of the league will be dictated as per District 8 Athletic Association “By Law Article VII”. Please refer to this for further information

  1. Each competitor must be eligible under all the rules and regulations outlined in the District 8 Athletic Association Constitution and By-Laws. Schools and coaches should review the eligibility requirements listed in the constitution including the following highlights:
  1. Is certified as eligible by the Principal of the school and is in grades 9-12 (District 8 Constitution: Article IX: Player Eligibility, Section 2)
  2. No school shall include in its line-up any student who has been registered as a transfer from another school within the previous 12 months unless deemed eligible by the District 8 Transfer Appeals Committee. (District 8 Constitution: Article IX: Player Eligibility, Section 7)
  1. Meets the age requirement as listed above n “Section 3: Competitive Divisions”
  2. A player, to qualify for a playoff game, must have played in two (2) of the regular league games.
  3. Eligibility Lists:
  1. A team's eligibility list must be sent to the league convenor before the first league game;
  2. Coaches may make additions to the eligibility list during the season to the convenor
  3. Athletes must appear on the registered eligibility list prior to appearing on a game sheet.
  1. A player must retain his amateur status to be eligible and a sworn statement may be necessary.
  2. A player will lose his junior status in a current or subsequent year if the player participates in a second regularly schedule senior league game
  1. The official rule book governing play during District 8 competition shall be F.I.F.A. (Federation of International Football Association) Handbook with the following exceptions:
  1. Substitution: there will be unlimited substitution at: goal kick, goal scored, half time, and on a team=s own throw-in (on their own possession). Also, the opposing team may substitute when the throw-in team has made a substitution. Injury substitute(s) may only enter the field of play after the referee has given permission and the player(s) being substituted has (have) left the field completely. Permission must be received from the Referee for Goalkeeper substitution. There is no limit on the number of times a Goalkeeper may be changed.
  2. If a player receives a "red card", he must leave the field for the remainder of that game and no substitution will be permitted. The carded player must stay on the bench under the direct supervision of the coach. A player receiving a red card may not play in his team's next game and his case must be reviewed by the league convenor and the school Principal. The District 8 Executive will also be notified.
  3. If a player receives three (3) yellow cards over any number of games in one season, she is automatically suspended for his team's next game and her case must be reviewed by the league convenor and the school Principal. The District 8 Executive will also be notified.
  4. Any player shown a yellow warning card by an official, should immediately be substituted, and not returned to the field of play until she has been calmed down and admonished by his coach.
  5. FOUL AND ABUSIVE LANGUAGE – Foul and abusive language when directed at "another person" is to be strongly discouraged and not tolerated. A player shall be penalized with an "official warning and/or a YELLOW or RED CARD.
  6. At the discretion of the referee, a one minute timeout may be called in order for coaches to calm their players.
  1. It is the responsibility of the coach to inform the league convenor of any player on his team who receives a red or yellow card.
  2. Games shall consist of two (2) forty‑five (45) minute halves unless otherwise agreed upon by both coaches.
  3. Tie‑breaking procedures for sudden‑death play‑off games will be as follows:
  1. OVERTIME IN THE PLAY-OFFS C Extra time is to be played as a result of a “draw” at the end of “normal time”. It shall always consist of two (2) periods of ten (10)  minutes each, with an interval (break) of five (5) minutes at the end of “normal” playing time, but NOT between the 2 periods of overtime.
  2. If the game is still tied, five (5) penalty kicks will be taken alternately by five (5) designated members of each team who were on the field during regulation time‑‑a coin toss will decide which team kicks first. The team which scores the most penalty kicks will be declared the winner. If still tied, the remaining players shall take penalty kicks (1) from each team alternately, the winner being the team which is ahead after any pair of penalty kicks. The first team to kick shall be the winner of the coin toss.
  1. The District 8 Athletic Coordinator shall be responsible for obtaining competent officials who are members of an approved Board of Officials.
  1. Uniforms and equipment will be regulated by the rules as explained in the FIFA handbook of regulations 
  2. The home team shall be responsible for preparing the playing facility and providing soccer nets, corner field flags and two game balls (2).  
  3. Field shall be clearly marked according to FIFA handbook of regulations
  4. The home team must provide a two (2) game balls  which have not been used during the warm-up or practice; one game ball must remain dry on wet days
  5. If a colour conflict occurs between teams’ uniform colours, the home team must wear their second set of uniforms or a set of legally numbered markers of a different colour.
  1. No team representative can video a practice other than the practices they are participating in. Team representatives videoing games/matches they are not participating in must,
  1. Only use the video captured for team use, and not posted externally
  2. Only be taken by school staff members or school adult volunteers approved by the school’s administration  
  1. District 8 will provide championship awards as per District 8 Athletic Association “By-Law VII”.
  2. District 8 will provide all-star post season awards as per By-Law VII of the District 8 By-Laws; All-Star selections will be determined at the post season coaches meeting
  1. A staff member from each school represented must be present and responsible for the behaviour of his/her students. 
  1. It is the responsibility of each coach to provide for his/her own team medical needs in accordance with his/her School Medical Regulations.
  2. Coaches shall provide all consumable medical supplies (i.e. tape, band aids) for their athletes.
  3. Each school must have a First Aid Kit on site during competition.
  4. Each school should abide by Secondary Interschool sport safety guidelines set out by Ontario Physical Health Education Association (OPHEA)
  5. It is the home team’s responsibility to provide a location of safe refuge in the event of lightning/thunder. In the event of lightning/thunder, the following will be done:
  1. Seek shelter immediately (school, building or vehicle) ‘IF YOU SEE IT, FLEE IT; IF YOU HEAR IT, CLEAR IT’
  2. Resumption of the Activity: Wait a minimum of 30 minutes from the last visual observation of lightning or sound of thunder before resuming activities.
  3. Injured persons do not carry an electrical charge and can be handled safely. Call 911 or send for help immediately. Apply first aid procedures if you are qualified to do so.(Unsafe Shelter includes: all outdoor metal objects ( e.g., football standards), near flagpoles, fences and gates, near light poles, metal bleachers, golf carts, machinery, trees, etc. Avoid water pooled water, open fields, and high ground)
  1. The procedure for all protests, complaints, and suspensions is outlined in Bylaw IV of the District 8 By-laws. 

  1. Voting at the coaches meetings will be limited to one (1) vote per team entered. Representatives must be present at the meeting to vote--voting by proxy will not be permitted.
  2. A simple majority of votes will rule.
  3. All changes to the Rules & Regulations must be ratified by the Board of Directors.

District 8 Girls Soccer (Open) - Playing Rules And Regulations

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