Erasmus+ Project – SLAM 2016 to 2018



Date for completion

Task 1

Creating a web-site

  • Estonian school to create a web-site for the project.
  •  Schools’ web-sites are to give links to the project web-site

Mid November

Task 2


  • Estonian school to provide all schools with a questionnaire.
  • Schools to use it and send feedback to Estonia

Beginning of November 2016

Task 3

Design a Logo competition

  • Each partner school to carry out a competition to design a logo for the project.
  • Schools make own decisions about how they choose the best logos within their school.
  • Each school to send their chosen logos (2 only) to Estonia.
  • Estonian school to put the chosen 2x4 logos from all schools on the Project website.
  • Each school to vote for the best project logo (must not vote for your own logo).
  • Bulgarian school to make the chosen logo presentable (jpg) for all schools to use.


by end of November

Voting to be

completed by 10th


mid December

Task 4

Project Bulletin


  • School to make Project Bulletin Board to inform their community about the  activities

by mid-January 2017

Task 5

Research into homeland legends

  • Each school to organise their own activities and lessons in different school subjects ( e.g. Literature, History, etc.) based on legends to develop literacy skills in the mother tongue  

January/February 2017

Task 6

Work on local legends

Each partner

  •  chooses  local legends  to be used as a base for the future  lessons during mobilities
  •  translates them into English ( adapting each  to A2 and B1 levels) and uploads to the web-site
  • creates tasks for the first lessons on the chosen legends
  • The tasks are applied in the English lessons in classes of different levels ;
  •  The results to be analyzed,
  •  The materials to be  improved

February/March 2017

Task 7

Creating comics

  • Students to create  paper or virtual  comics  in English, based on their countries'  legends which are sent to Romania
  • Romanian   school  starts  working on an electronic version of the comics magazine

February/March 2017

Task 8

Preparations for visit to Romania

  • Romanian school to plan schedule for visit and inform partners about accommodation opportunities
  • Partners to get  announced the classes and their levels for the lessons to be prepared and delivered during the mobility

February/March 2017

Task 9

Visit to Romania

  • Guests deliver the prepared in advance lessons on legends in the classes of host school and then discuss them with the counterparts
  • The materials for the teaching kit are to be improved and approved

5-9 April 2017

Task 9

Working on partners’ legends

  • All schools familiarise students with partners’ legends (languages preferred by schools themselves).
  • Students produce creative output based on partners’ legends ( comics, plays, puppet-shows etc.)

April/December 2017

Task 10

Work on the  lesson to be delivered in Bulgaria

  • Work on the tasks for the  second lesson based on national  legends ( both for primary and middle school students) and apply the materials in their classes

May /October 2017

Task 11

Preparations for visit to Bulgaria

  • Bulgarian school to plan schedule for visit and inform partners about accommodation opportunities
  • Other schools prepare lessons to be delivered during the mobility

June 2017

September 2017

Task 12

Visit to Bulgaria

  •  Guests deliver the prepared in advance lessons on legends in the classes of host school and then discuss them with the counterparts in the workshop
  • Current  materials for the teaching kit are to be bettered
  • Discussion of the project phases to be held

October 26-30,2017

Task 13

Beginning of compiling

Teaching Kit

  • Spanish school to compile the KIT

November 2017

Task 14

Creating Web quest

  •    Appointed school responsible

November/January 2018

Task 15

Publishing  the Online comic magazine

  • Romania-responsible

December/February 2018

Task 16

Preparation for

Spanish visit

  • Spain responsible for the script of the play
  • International teachers' cast  learn their parts in the play to prepare for the performance

February/April 2017

Task 17

Final meeting Spain

  •  Attending open lessons
  • Rehearsal of the play
  • Performance recording
  • International teachers' cast  act in the  play (to be

recorded) approving of the materials to be compiled in the booklet to be printed by each school according to their necessity

  • draft of the final report and common evaluation of the partnership

April 24-27, 2018

Task 18 optional

Creative output

children produce creative output ( stage performance, cartoons, etc. -it is up to schools to decide) based on any legends

Task 19

Writing  final report

May/July 2018

Visit Protocol