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GLES Supply List 22-23
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Gilbert Linkous Elementary School - Supply List 2022-23


3-ring white binder 1” with insert cover

4 containers of Play-Doh (4 oz.)

1 Pencil pouch with zipper

1 pair of headphones-no earbuds

1 Black & white composition notebook

Extra set of clothes “just in case” in a plastic bag labeled with child’s name

(2) 2-pocket folders (without prongs, any color)

Box of crackers or bag of pretzels (Either box of individual snack size or larger size that can be shared with class for snack time)

(1) 2-pocket folder (with prongs, any color)

First Grade

1 large cloth pencil pouch labeled with child’s name

1 black and white wide-ruled composition book

1 backpack labeled with child’s name

1 pair of headphones-no earbuds

4 spiral wide-ruled one-subject notebooks

(1 of each color-yellow, green, blue & red)

2 3-prong plastic folders (1 red)

Second Grade

5 Black & White composition books

1 large cloth pencil pouch with zipper

3 pocket folders with brads-any color

1 pair of earbuds or headphones

Third Grade

 3 Black and white composition notebooks

1 zipper pencil pouch (no boxes)

3 (3) subject spiral notebooks


1 blue pocket folder (no brads)

Fourth Grade

4 Composition books

1 Zipper pencil pouch

2 Plastic folders with pockets with no brads

Earbuds / Headphones

Fifth Grade

2 - 3 subject notebooks with pockets

1 zipper pencil pouch

2 plastic folder with 3 prongs and 2 pockets

Earbuds or Headphones