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The Wise Owl administrative team, faculty, and staff would like to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year at West View Elementary. We are thrilled to welcome you into a brand new year of exploring, transforming, and soaring into new heights and greater horizons.

Our school was built upon the motto, “We Initiate Student Excellence”. The word “We” includes parents, teachers, and the Johnston County community. At West View, we will partner with you to ensure the achievement and growth of our students. You, as a parent are the catalyst to the success of your child, and together, we can make sure their full potential is met. Your words of encouragement, a hug when a rough day has occurred, your interest in your children’s work, and your presence at school are vital!  I encourage you to join our PTA, which is extremely active in supporting our school. Our PTA works diligently to provide our staff and students with resources and funds which will support the needs of our school. If you are interested in serving, please visit our school website for more information.

West View teachers and staff are passionate about building relationships with students and their parents. Contact teachers regularly and reach out to them when you have questions. They should be your first point of contact and will be excellent advocates for your children. The staff at West View are  focused on creating learning experiences for our students that are rigorous and engaging, with positive behavior interventions, and providing exciting and challenging enrichment opportunities for all students.

Please use this handbook as a guide and refer to it constantly as your child navigates through the school year. Review the school policies, rules and regulations with your family so that we can continue to provide a safe environment for all students.

One of the greatest characteristics of the West View learning community is the genuine love and compassion shared between staff, students, and parents.  I feel so fortunate to lead a school with such dedicated staff, amazing students, and supportive families. I look forward to an amazing year!

With Wise Owl Cheer,

Chenetra Mangum



West View Elementary School will provide our students with a quality education in a safe, caring environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning.  The West View Staff joins our parents and community to assist all students in developing skills to become responsible, productive adults who will succeed and contribute within a global society.

Assistant Principals

  Beverly Moore: Grades 3-5

General Information - Office Hours 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

All JCPS Board policies referenced in this handbook can be found in The Parent Gazette or online at


A.  Morning Procedures

6:45 – 8:20 AM…Early Morning Care Program (contact the office for registration info.)

8:20 – 8:50 AM…………Arrival Time for Buses and Car Riders

8:50 AM…………………First Bell

8:55 AM…………………Tardy Bell

Your child should not come to school before arrival time unless he/she is in the Early Morning Care Program.  Students who eat breakfast at school are to go directly to the cafeteria when they arrive at school.  Car riders need to arrive in time to eat breakfast and be in their classroom by 8:55 AM.  The breakfast line closes at 8:45 AM except for late buses.

B.  Breakfast and Lunch - Our food service program provides nutritious meals.  We encourage you to pay in advance, either weekly or monthly.  Applications for free and reduced meals are available in the office.  Meal prices can be found in the Parent Gazette.

Cafeteria Procedures:

School Snacks:  If the classroom teacher would like for your child to bring a snack to eat during the school day, we request that you do not send drinks that will stain the classroom carpets.  Healthy snacks are encouraged.  GLASS BOTTLES or JARS are prohibited for safety reasons.

C.  Hall Procedures

Students should walk quietly in the halls and must have a pass during class time.

D.  Afternoon Procedures

3:42 PM………………..……….Dismissal Begins for All Students

3:55 PM – 6:00 PM….After School Care (contact the office for registration information)


If you have an emergency during the day and need to make a change, please call the office before 2:00 PM so we can get a message to your child’s teacher before dismissal.  

Basic Carpool Procedures:  (More information is provided to parents during car rider sign-up.)

For morning carpool, there will only be one carpool area and that is in the front of the school.  When you enter our campus you will need to take the first right hand turn.  As you turn you will notice three lanes of traffic.  This was designed to help take traffic off of the main highway.  The three lanes of traffic will then funnel down to the main entryway where you will unload and load students.  Please be mindful that everyone has the same purpose in mind which is to unload and load their children.  In the afternoon, there are 2 entryways for carpool. The first entryway is for K-3 students and the second (at the second right entrance) is for 4th and 5th grade students and their siblings. With your cooperation, this process can go smoothly if we all work together.  At the entryway, a person will be posted each afternoon to call the names of students so that they can be ready to load when you stop at the front-loading area.  Each parent will be given a card to be placed in the front window of the car.  This card will list the name of student(s).  If someone else is picking up your student in carpool, they will need to be given this card.  If they do not have the card they will be asked to park, come inside, and show identification to pick up children. This process is used for security purposes. When students are unloading and loading, they must exit and enter the car from the right-hand (passenger) side.  During student loading/unloading, we also ask that the driver of the car refrain from using a cell phone, remain inside the car, and place the car in park.  Following these helpful hints will make carpool go safely and faster.  

All parents are expected to use the carpool system during arrival and dismissal times.  Parents should only park during these times for scheduled appointments within the school.  It is unfair and unsafe for parents to use the parking lot as a means to pick up and drop off students to avoid the carpool line.  It is imperative that students not be dropped off in the parking lot, unescorted to come into the building.  This is a huge safety risk for our students.

Buses:  Students may only ride buses for which they are assigned.  If you would like for your child to ride the school bus on a regular basis, please contact the office.

E.  Student Check-In/Check-Out:  Parents and legal guardians must come to the office in order to check out or sign in a student.  No student shall be released to any adult until the proper check-out procedures have been followed.  Parents and legal guardians must authorize in writing any individuals that may pick up their child(ren).  The office staff is directed to ask for the identification of any adult who is requesting to check out a student.  No student may be released between 3:20 PM and 3:50 PM.  We will adhere to this rule unless an appointment card is presented.  It is imperative that students receive the total number of instructional minutes in the school day which includes recess for social development/physical activity time.


A.   Absences

B.  Tardiness

Students must be in their classrooms by 8:50 AM to be counted present and on time.  Students riding the bus are not counted tardy if the bus arrives late.  Carpool supervision ends at 8:45 AM. If you do not see a carpool staff person, then you must park and come inside to sign your child into school.  Please do not drop students off at the front when no one is on duty. A tardy is either excused or unexcused.  A tardy will be excused if parents submit an appropriate appointment note or card when they check their child in at the office.  If an adult does not accompany the student to the office, a parent will be contacted.  This is a safety rule and must be followed by all parents.  If a student is habitually late, further action will be taken.  Coming to school on time is important for learning and developing a sense of routine and responsibility.


A.  School Supplies

Parents need to provide students with the appropriate supplies as indicated by each grade level supply list.  Depending on the grade level, your child may be issued textbooks.  All students have the opportunity to check out books from the media center.  You and your child will be held fiscally responsible if books are lost or damaged.

B.  Valuables at School

School personnel try to prevent losses, but they are not responsible for personal property of students.  Your child should bring to school only those items needed for the school day.  Your child’s teacher will let you know about “show and tell” days and appropriate items that may be brought to school.  Unless directed by the teacher, toys and personal items should not come to school.  Make sure you read JCPS Policy Code 4200.

C.  Rain Attire

Students may wear raincoats to school.  Please do not send umbrellas back and forth to school, as they are not safe in crowded areas.

D.  Book Bags

All book bags must be able to fit into the cubby storage area along with coats and other items needed by the student.

E.  Student Dress Code: JCPS Board Policy 4220

Please review the Johnston County Public School Dress Code for information related to student dress.  All students, parents, and visitors to the school are expected to follow this dress code.

1st offense violations will receive a written notification, 2nd offense violations will receive a parent phone call to bring appropriate clothes to school.


A.  Communication from School to Home

Parents need to look for communications on Tuesday.  Each teacher will inform parents about the type of letters, reports, and student work that will be sent home.  The office and the PTA will work to send home information on Tuesday.  

WVES will follow all JCPS Board Policies regarding academics.  Below you will see a few policies that the school would like to emphasis.

3460 – Homework

3400 – Grading System – K-5 will be on a standards based grading system.

3430/3440 - Promotion and Retention and Student Accountability

Parental Responsibilities

Successful student achievement is dependent on the involvement of parents and guardians. Knowledge of the expectations of the school is essential to the successful involvement of parents and guardians. Therefore, by the end of the first month of school, the parent or guardian of each student must meet with their student’s teacher in the core academic areas to receive information about the courses, course requirements, and expectations for the school year. Parents or guardians must sign at the time of the visit acknowledging receipt of the information and agreeing to be a partner in insuring the success of their student in school. Parents of new students entering during the school year must complete this process before their child can begin classes.

B.  Report Cards

All students will receive report cards four times a year.  Parents are to sign and return the report card envelope to school on the following day.  Progress reports will be sent home during the middle of each grading period. This report will alert parents to any difficulties that need to be corrected before the final report.  Parents also need to carefully review, and sign (if required by the teacher) weekly folders for other progress information.  If you would like access to the Parent Portal you will need to bring in a photo ID to the Data Manager to receive your access code.

D.  Parent Conferences

The teacher will schedule at least two parent conferences a year. (This also can include student-led conferences). Additional conferences will be scheduled as needed.  Parents are encouraged to contact the school if there are concerns or questions.  This can be done by sending a note to the teacher or by calling the school office to leave the teacher a message.  Parent contacts must be planned as teachers need to be with their students during the instructional day.

E.  Telephone

The school office phone is a business phone and is to be used only for that purpose.  A student cannot be called out of class to talk on the phone.  Parent phone calls may be received by teachers before 8:20 AM and after 3:50 PM unless they are in meetings, conferences, or in student tutoring sessions.  During the school day, the office staff will forward messages to teachers’ voicemail until 3:00, after this time a message will be given directly to the teacher.

F.  Directory Information

Directory information may be released to the public unless the parent requests that it not be released.


A.  Visiting during the School Day

We welcome your presence at West View; however, we value and want to protect our instructional time with your child to offer them the best learning experience possible.  If you would like to visit with your child you will need to come by the office and sign-in during the school day and receive a visitor’s pass.  There is a separate sign-in for volunteers.  Volunteers will also need a pass.  If you are visiting your child’s classroom it should not interfere with instruction nor our teacher’s planning period unless an appointment or conference has been scheduled.  Even short conferences need to be planned for times when students are not in the room.  At the end of the school day, all halls and lobby areas must be clear for student travel.  Parents for upper grades 1-5 will not be permitted to walk their students to class after Labor Day unless the teacher has requested a conference.  This is to protect instructional time.  Parents/guardians who request to observe in a classroom must have written approval from the principal or his/her designee.

B.  Volunteers

In order to volunteer in Johnston County Schools, an online Volunteer Application must be completed and approved.  You can find a link on the school home page for this process under the administration tab labeled volunteer registration.  Level I status can be completed and approved at the school level.  Level II status requires a criminal history/background check.  This background check may take several weeks to complete.

C.  Parent/Guest Parking

The reserved parking in front of the school is assigned to staff members.  There are visitor spaces in front of the school for you to use to check your child out during the school day.  If you need to go in any other part of the building, you must use a parking space.  The bus parking lot is for buses and bus drivers only.  It is off limits for parents and visitors during the school day.  Please do not park in the Fire Lane at any time.


Make sure our school has an emergency number so we can reach you.  If your phone number changes during the year, notify the office and your child’s teacher of this change.  Please do not block the school’s telephone number. 

A.  Late Buses - There can be many reasons for a late bus; such as a driver illness, driver emergencies, or bus malfunctions.  If you have concerns about a late bus, please phone the school office so we can provide you with accurate information.  It is impossible to call all parents in the event of a late bus.

B.  Early Dismissal - Speak with your child about what to do in the case of an unexpected early dismissal of school.  Make sure your child knows what to do if you are not at home.

C.  Inclement Weather - The superintendent will make the decision as to any adjustment in the schedule or the closing of school.  This type of public announcement can be heard on local radio and on Channel 5 TV.  If the decision is made during the school day, announcements will be made in all schools in addition to the public announcements.  A connect Ed message will also go out.  Parents are urged not to call the school, but to listen to the radio or the TV in regard to school closing announcements.  Phone lines need to be kept open for emergencies.

D.  Sickness, Injury, and Treatment at School - A staff member will call the parents if a student is ill or needs immediate treatment for an injury.  At school, injuries can be treated with soap and water, ice and band-aids.  An Accident Report will be completed and sent home to parents for any known injuries that occur during school.

Head Lice:  If school staff discovers a case of head lice during the school day, the parents will be called to pick up the student.  Letters will be sent home to notify all parents that a case of head lice was in the classroom.  We will make every effort to get the letters out on the day of the discovery.  Please make sure you check your child when shampooing and notify our office if you find that treatment is needed.  Before the student can return to the classroom, all lice nits must be removed.  A parent will be required to accompany the student back to school, bring proof of treatment, and have the office staff recheck the student’s hair.

E.  Medication - School personnel will not administer any medication (prescription) to students unless they have received a medication form that has been completed and signed by the doctor.   School personnel will not administer any medication (over-the-counter) to students unless they have received a medication form that has been completed and signed by the parent.  Over-the-counter medication must be brought in the original container.  All medication must be brought to the office by a parent and it must be in an appropriately labeled container.  Students are not to bring medication with them to school.  All medicines left at the end of the school year will be discarded.  These procedures protect the safety of your child.  JCPS Board Policy 4520

F.  Student Insurance - Student insurance will be available to all students at the beginning of each school year.  Applications and claim forms are available on the Johnston County Schools’ website.


A.  Assemblies - Students will move to and from school assemblies in an orderly manner and will pay attention to the speaker or performing group.  When the speaker or performing group begins, all talking must cease.

B.  Field Trips - Field trips are an important part of our curriculum because they enable experiences off campus which reinforce what is learned in the classroom. Since field trips are less structured than a classroom setting due to movement, transportation, and interaction with people outside the school, it is important that each child have the maturity to enjoy school field trips without disruption to others. In the event a student does not exhibit appropriate behavior in class before a scheduled field trip, parents will be notified at least two days in advance of the field trip that they will remain behind in an appropriate educational setting with assignments to complete. On some of our field trips, parent volunteers may be needed.  All chaperones must be approved volunteers.  Other students or siblings are not to be included.  Parents will have to provide their own transportation and admission fees. No refunds are given for parents or students who are unable to attend.  Parents may not transport their child to the field trip destination.  

C.  No Smoking –JCPS Board Policy 2600 states, "Smoking is not permitted on any Johnston County School property."  This JCPS policy also prohibits E cigarettes.

D.  Holiday Celebrations - Each grade level will make decisions on how to celebrate special days at school and will send home that information to parents before the events are to occur.

E.  Flowers, Balloons, or Gifts Sent to School - We encourage all special deliveries to be sent to the home.  If students receive flowers, balloons, or gifts sent to school, the students will be notified during the school day that they have received a delivery.  During a non-instructional time, the teacher will allow the student to come to the office to see the delivery.  At the end of the school day, the parent can come by the office and pick up the item.  No delivery items will be sent to the classroom or will go home on the bus.


Riding a school bus is a privilege.  Students must follow the directives of the school bus driver and the rules and regulations of school bus safety as well as the rules in the Johnston County Code of Student Conduct while at a school bus stop, or in the school bus parking lot, or while riding on a bus or other school vehicle.  Violation of these rules may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the privilege of school transportation services as well as suspension from school.  If a student receives a bus referral the consequences are as follows:

1st offense:        Counsel with student; parent notification and maximum 3 days off the bus.

2nd offense:        Maximum of 5 days off the bus.

3rd offense:        Maximum of 10 days off the bus.

4th offense:         Minimum of 10 days off the bus and student may be suspended from the bus for the remainder of the school year.

When students are suspended from riding the bus, parents must provide transportation to and from school or the student will have unexcused absences.  North Carolina laws prohibit an adult from boarding the bus and prohibit an adult from stopping a moving bus.


The school will follow the Johnston County Board of Education Code of Student Conduct Policy 4200. At the beginning of the school year, the policy will be explained to students and you will sign and receive a copy of the Code of Student Conduct.  To help our students follow the Code of Student Conduct, we have a School-wide Discipline Plan which includes the WISE rules for the classroom, hallways, bathrooms, and cafeteria.

Purpose:  The plan is a cooperative effort between school and home which will strive to help students become self-disciplined by enabling them to make contributions, take responsibility for their own actions, and learn to use the WISE rules to influence their choices.

Belief:  We believe that students should be taught to make wise choices through the cooperative effort of home and school.  This goal can be achieved by providing an environment which reinforces positive behavior and manages inappropriate behavior in a consistent fashion.  Positive discipline occurs when meaningful instruction is paired with high expectations.

WISE Behavior System

Classroom Rules:

W-We will respect each other.

I-Inside voices at all times.

S-Stay in your assigned area.

E-Everyone follows all directions.


  1. Use WISE Rules to make good choices
  2. Assist others in decision making
  3. WISE rules are used to grade conduct in grades K-5.


  1. Become informed about discipline plan and WISE rules for school-wide conduct.
  2. Support plan through conferences and reinforcement at home.
  3.  Review communication of conduct through Tuesday Folders, or Grade Level Binders.

Principles of the Discipline Plan

Fidget Spinners have shown to be a distraction in class. Please refrain from having your student bring a Fidget Spinner to school.

Johnston County Public SchoolsCode of Conduct

The Johnston County Public Schools’ Code of Conduct will be enforced by our staff.  Level One violation will be handled with our discipline plan.  A discipline referral is sometimes necessary when a student has violated the Johnston County Public SchoolsCode of Student Conduct.  Most referrals occur when all of the teachers’ previous classroom consequences have been ineffective. Action taken for a referral can be any of the following:

-Parent Notification – This serves as written notification to parent of child’s behavior.

-Administrative Council with Student – Student meets and discusses behavior with an administrator.

-Time-Out - May be assigned by teachers in 30 minute intervals up to 90 minutes. Student spends time in the time-out room in the office. The amount of time will vary based on the offense and previous referrals. A copy of the referral may be given to a guidance counselor or an administrator. The counselor will meet with the student to discuss the infraction and ways the student can use to improve their behavior.

-ISS – In School Suspension - Students will spend their suspension in the school. Any time-out resulting in more than 4 hours will be considered an in school suspension.

-OSS – Out of School Suspension – Students are prohibited from being in any JCPS school building, on any property, or bus owned by JCPS or at any JCPS sponsored activity during the period of suspension.

Recognition of Appropriate Behavior

  1. Classroom Recognition:

  1. Individual Recognition:


By no means is this manual all inclusive.  The school retains the right to alter or vary the application of these procedures.  This handbook is intended to help parents, students, and school personnel work together.  Many guiding statements are included in this document, but it does not cover every situation.