Friends of Scouting Position Description

Unit FOS Coordinator

A leader/parent from the Scouting unit who conducts presentations to the parents of the youth in their unit. This individual Reports to the Pack or Troop Committee Chair.

1)        Enroll as a Friend of Scouting.

2)        Attend a district Friends of Scouting training/kickoff.

3)        Conduct a Presentation to the parents of the youth in your unit, tally results and present appropriate recognition items. Presentations should occur at Scout meetings between January-May.  

4)        Follow up with all families to ensure they have been contacted.  Every parent should be educated on Scouting’s resources, facilities and be given the opportunity to know how our council is financed and allowed to support those efforts.  

5)        Submit completed Friends of Scouting packets to FOS Chairperson

6)        If the unit qualifies for recognition items for their achievement levels, complete and submit appropriate forms.

Key Dates

December        FOS Campaign Training – District Presenters & Unit Coordinators

January        All Units Scheduled/ Family FOS Campaign Begins

Jan - May        Presentations Held