My writing goal this term is punctuation.

2 minutes to talk to a buddy about your story.

20 minutes to write your story and make it exactly 100 words.

10 minutes to read your story to a buddy and to leave each other a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment.

10 minutes to post your story on your blog. Remember to explain what you were learning, what was fun, what was challenging and what your next steps might be.

My story:

Nervous, eager, exhilarated, tense, he took another step towards his goal. He was wondering about where to get home. He really wants to go home but he is stuck on a rope. He was eager to do this to face his fears. He was up high to the sky and he felt amazing. He felt fresh air and he felt that he could fly. People thought that he was awesome but he was afraid and scared up high. He was about to cry ,but he never gave up. He kept and going until he was wiggling. It was hard too.