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Canvas enrollment process for L3 (external) learners
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Enrollment in Extension online programming courses

Watch for an invitation email from “” with the subject line, “UW-Madison: Access Your Online Course Site”  

Click “Get Started”

Here is where you will create your login account information, called a NetID:

Please read carefully.  

Click here to go to Yes--I might already have a UW-Madison NetID
Click here to go to NO--I definitely never had a UW-Madison NetID

Yes--I might already have a UW-Madison NetID

If you know your NetID and password, click the top button.  If not, use one of the other options to recover your password or NetID reminder.

Sign in to Canvas with your NetID.  You may return to the course by going to at any time.

Skip to the final page. (Important!)

NO--I definitely never had a UW-Madison NetID

You will now begin the process of setting up a username (called your NetID) and password.

You will then be asked to read and accept several policies.

Terms of service:


✔  Do not share your login        ✔  Use a strong password

Create Account Recovery questions and answers:

You may want to jot these down and keep them safe.

Create a secure password

Passwords must:

Almost there!!

You will receive an email with your account summary and another to confirm the recovery address for your account.  Please click the link in that email to confirm your recovery address.

You’re all set!

Click the link to be taken to and bookmark it for future reference.

Sign in with your UW-Madison NetID and password.

Your dashboard will contain all the courses you are or have been enrolled in.  Click a course to enter it.

If you require technical assistance, please contact the DoIT Helpdesk and state that you are an L3 student within the Division of Extension.


Lifelong Learners (L3) Enrollment Process

Lifelong Learners L3 FAQ

Revised March 2021