Everything you wanted to know about ITG (and some things you didn’t):

Contents: Contribution • Recruitment • Inactivity • Guild Bank • Guild Store • Promotion

Imperial Traders Guild

Trader: Mervs Sarys, ORSINIUM

Server: American (PC)

Faction: ALL

Focus: Crafting + Trading + Social

Language: English

Guild Leader: @nzblustone

Recruitment Status: Open to all

Imperial Traders Guild II

Trader: No trader

Server: American (PC)

Faction: ALL

Focus: Crafting + Trading

Language: English

Guild Leader: @SirApplesauce

Recruitment Status: Closed

Imperial Traders Guild is a community within the online world of The Elder Scrolls Online dedicated to advancing the economy of Tamriel (the world of Elder Scrolls) through enabling a free-flowing place where anyone can come and go as they wish to sell or buy from other like-minded traders.

How does it work? Well, in The Elder Scrolls Online there are only two ways to sell or buy items from other players, the first is to trade directly with the other player face-to-face after using some other means to make contact such as in-game chat, or an external source such as a message board. The other way to sell or buy items from other players is through a guild store.

You can only buy and sell items from a guild store if you are a member of that guild unless that guild has a trader. You can however be a member of up to five player-made guilds. You can access your guild stores through the coin clerk (banker) NPC in many of the larger towns around Tamriel.

All members of the Imperial Traders Guild are able to invite other players into the guild, helping to keep a steady flow of new traders and their goods arriving in our guild store. All members can also buy and sell items in the guild store, there are no trial periods or application forms.

MAIN GUILD CONTRIBUTION: 2000g weekly OR 8500g monthly

The purpose of this is so that everyone contributes a fair share towards the guild trader and guild events/competitions.

Your WEEKLY contribution can be via direct donation or guild store sales tax (3.5% of all your sales) or a combination of both.

However, MONTHLY contributions are only counted from direct deposits.

This is so the addon we use to track donations from the ESO guild logs registers your donation.

This coincides with when the guild trader bid cycle ends.

Unless the month begins on a weekend, in which case it would be due on the second Sunday of the month.

Every 500g counts as a separate ticket, and you can purchase as many extra tickets as you want.

The secondary guild (ITG2) has no contribution requirements at this time while we build its member base.


We aim to hover near the 500 member cap but our inactivity policy helps us keep enough spaces free to bring in fresh traders (and cycle out those that may not play anymore when necessary). One benefit of this is that fresh traders bring in fresh goods for the guild store which contributes to variety and attracts more customers to our trader kiosks.

To receive an invitation to either guild (or both) you can ...

After one of them receives your mail they will send you a guild invite.

DO NOT send a friend request to try join - these will just be declined and no invite will be sent.


GUILD BANK: request items via any supervisor or manager.

Please consider donating to the guild fund after receiving bank items.

GUILD STORE: Please buy and sell in our guild stores.


Please message @Bluestone in discord or @nzblustone ingame to express interest.

Supervisor positions: (ongoing)

PVP Leader position:

Crafter Rank: (helping members find skilled crafters)

Thank you for viewing this information page about the Imperial Traders Guilds.