TSP: The Teaspoon Prayer (Thanks, Sorry, Please)

You don’t have to be religious or even believe in an external spirit to pray

The power of prayer is in declaring truth to yourself, asking openly of yourself and lovingly appreciating yourself.

This is a way of accessing the unconscious mind, especially powerful before sleep.

Before sleep simply turn of the lights, close your eyes and think these thoughts:

  1. T: Thank you for… Go through the highlights of your day in reverse order.
  2. S: I’m sorry for… Check if there are any areas you acted ‘out of integrity’.
  3. P: Please… Consider if there is anything you or others could do with help on.

More Detail

Thank you for: I like to consider all the awesome things that happened, reframing them as happening ‘for’ me not to me. Sometimes I acknowledge the lessons I learned or something nice I saw that happened to someone else. I’m thanking the universe. I’m thanking me, for being part of it, even if just as a witness.

I’m sorry for: Sorry is a powerful way to acknowledge areas where we didn’t do what we intended to do, said we would do or hold in our highest value to do. Moments of dishonesty, errors of judgement, accidentally hurting someone. If we acknowledge the regret we honour ourselves and others and instigate internal action towards restoring trust. If we don’t acknowledge it then we learn nothing and potentially gloss over the situation.

Please: I believe that these little internal requests are registered in our subconscious which then contemplates them and brings our attention to ways and means to actuate them. If we are requesting help from others it activates oxytocin and develops our empathy circuits, which ultimately help us by creating more loving connections in our lives. Who knows, maybe there is a great spirit which hears us, which means we may have just submitted a request which gets actuated and therefore we helped someone. A lovely bedtime story, if nothing else. Sleep peacefully with this in mind.

Example: I often do this before sleep, although I rarely make it to the end, as sleep takes me some of the way through. Here is one I wrote down from a Sunday:

Thank you for: The lovely dinner I had with my housemate. Thank you for her softness and smile. Thank you for the contrast with my other housemate. Thank you for the quietness in the house. Thank you for a nap on the sofa. Thank you for the wonderful cycle out and about and the jewelry workshop. Thank you for the warm weather today. Thank you for the gentle slow Sunday breakfast. Thank you for waking up healthy.

I’m sorry for: Getting angry at my housemate. I’m sorry for lying to my housemate about… I can see that isn’t helping an open, living relationship. I’m sorry I watched a movie past 10pm, even though I told myself I’d have all screens off at 10pm. .

Please: Please help Finaola’s pottery and jewelry workshop thrive and become a beautiful community hub. Please help my housemates be happy and healthy. Please help me to be productive and in flow tomorrow.