Avoiding fraudulent claims is of paramount importance to ensuring the integrity of the platform and authenticity of the Carbon Credits sold in the open market.  The platform uses Smartphone technology to implement a robust mechanism for validating trees and verifying their growth; Every tree includes a QR coded Tree Tag wrapped around the trunk 1.3m above the ground, which when read by the App, is combined with its GPS location to identify the tree.  Registration includes identifying the species, measuring the circumference of the trunk at the Tag and is completed by taking a geo-located photograph of the whole tree.  

The platform will only sell verified sequestered CO2, which is determined by periodically entering trunk circumference measurements. Consequently, every tree must be visited and only by using the Smartphone App to unlock a tree’s record, can an updated measurement be added to it.  Furthermore, a tree must be seen to adopt a normalised growth pattern before its record is validated.

This mechanism minimizes opportunities to falsify data by:-

  1. Preventing users moving tags to different trees; the geo-location of a Tree Tag is determined when the QR code is read and the Smartphone App has to be in approximately the same location every time a Tag’s code is read.
  2. Preventing users entering irrational trunk measurements; Firstly, to enter a circumference measurement a user must scan the Tag’s code to unlock its database record and therefore must be at the tree.  Secondly, periodic measurements must correlate with normalised growth patterns, before sequestered CO2 is attributed to a tree.
  3. There is no economic incentive to enter an inflated value of tree growth; The Dividend payment model ensures users receives a dividend for each year of tree growth regardless of its age, growth rate, location or species.  Users are therefore rewarded for nurturing trees rather than the amount of sequestered CO2 directly attributed to them.

Finally, the Platform's operator and the trees registered on the platform are also subject to independent validation.  Validators linked to the platform will review tree records and may elect to make site visits to authenticate the data.