NEWTalk: Episode 1 Why Does Racism Exist?

In your groups, you will be utilizing the resources and research you have been studying in core and creating your first N.E.W. School “NEWTalk” video. This will be the first video within a series you will be creating this year. Think of this as a cross between a TedTalk and Crash Course video where your group addresses the topics covered in class and answer a guiding question through your research.

This grading period your question is, “WHY DOES RACISM EXIST?”


Benchmarks Due Dates and Aligned Rubrics

1.        September 4th- Empathy Scavenger Hunt: Migration and Speciation in America

Rubrics:          1. Analysis 2. Collaboration & Contributions in a Team Dynamic  3.Academic Engagement

2.        September 12th- Empathy Scavenger Hunt: History of Racism and the American Gene Pool

Rubrics:         1. Analysis 2. Collaboration & Contributions in a Team Dynamic 3. Academic Engagement

3.        September 20th- NEWTalk Script and Visual Aid Due

Rubrics:         1. Analysis 2. Informative Writing Rubric 3. Visual Design and Organization

***Please note, all benchmarks can be resubmitted for a higher grade; however, resubmission is due prior to the next benchmark.

Final Project Due Date is September 28, 2018

                  Rubrics:        Creative Design and Innovation

                                Communication: Formal/Informal Presentation

                                Collaboration & Contributions in a Team Dynamic