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TARC Elections
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  1. Elections for TARC admins will be held every 9 months, the first being in August 2023, then May 2024, February 2025, November 2025, etc.
  2. The voting period will run for one week, from noon Eastern Time on the 2nd Wednesday of the month until noon Eastern Time on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.
  3. Voting will be open to all verified racers. A verified racer is someone who meets the following criteria: is in good standing with the race community; is a member of the TARC server during the voting period; has completed at least five races or five ladder races (or some combination of the two) in the previous 12 months. If all of these conditions are met, use the verification method with SahasrahBot to gain eligibility to vote in the current election.
  4. Elections will use the Single Transferable Vote (ranked-choice voting) system, with the Hagenbach-Bischoff quota.
  5. 14 days before the start of the voting period, the admins will post a form for prospective admins to declare their candidacy. At this time, the admins will announce how many seats are open and which admins are stepping down and/or have terms expiring.
  6. The candidate declaration form will stay open for one week, and any member of the TARC server may declare their candidacy.
  7. A document with the list of candidates and their personal statements will be posted publicly once the form closes.
  8. The maximum term for a TARC admin is 18 months. Any admin wishing to serve longer than 18 months must declare their candidacy via the form, and their seat will be considered an open seat for the election.
  9. Admins are expected to serve terms of 9 or 18 months. If an emergency arises and an admin steps down outside of one of these term lengths, their seat will be offered to the last candidate eliminated in the most recent admin election. If that individual declines, the seat will be offered to the next-to-last candidate eliminated, and so on. The new admin’s term will run until 18 months after the most recent TARC election. (For example: An admin resigns in July 2024. Their spot will be offered to the last candidate eliminated from the May 2024 admin election. The new admin may serve until November 2025 without having to run again.)
  10. As soon as voting concludes, the results will be announced and new admins will be given their roles.
  11. Departing admins may, at their discretion, remain for up to a week following the conclusion of voting to help ensure a smooth transition.