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WPS Instructional Software Tools Procedure
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WPS Instructional Online Software

Student Data Privacy - Approval Procedure

  1. Check the software list to see if it’s already approved. If it is, you may have students use the tool.
  2. If not approved, seek approval from your Curriculum Leader.
  3. If the App is approved by your Curriculum Leader,  please fill out and submit the software request form.

Once the form has been submitted the approval process begins  and you will be contacted via email. Due to the need for legal review of the Student Data Privacy contract, the process may take significantly longer than previous software requests.   The Technology Department will do its best to reduce the lag time between submitting the form and having students access the requested tool.

Software will be approved once the following criteria have been met:

We appreciate your cooperation with this process. Please don’t hesitate to contact your building’s Technology Specialist, Beth Crozier K-5 Department Head for Instructional Technology,  or Bethann Monahan 6-12 Department Head for Instructional Technology, with any questions.