ABHS Concert Choir 2019-2020 Handbook

Miss. Taylor Schmidt, director of choirs

Ensembles - Concert Choir

 This group is open to all high school students who show an interest in singing.  The Concert Choir will perform at the Winter Concert, Spring Concert and High School Graduation.  The students in the Concert Choir are eligible to compete in Solo & Ensemble competition and take part in honor choir opportunities.

Show Choir

The Show Choir will perform at the Winter Concert, Spring Concert, Variety Show and Solo & Ensemble. Show Choir will rehearse during a selected time during the week which will be determined within the first two weeks of school. In order to participate, students will go through a short and easy audition process. Students will also need to keep their grades up and work turned in, in order to participate.

Concert Attendance Policies

In an ensemble, each student is important in order to give a high quality performance.  If a student is absent from an ensemble for any reason the entire group suffers.  If the reason for missing the concert is excused due to an illness, accident or family emergency, the points can be earned by doing a make-up assignment that will be given to the student the next school day after the concert. To have an excused absence, Miss Schmidt must be notified before the performance happens.  If the reason for missing the concert is unexcused, a grade of “0” points will be earned, and a zero will be averaged in with the other grades for that grading period.  If there is no communication on/before the performance takes place, I will assume your absence is unexcused and grade you accordingly.

If there is an extenuating circumstance that will not allow to perform at the concert please communicate with Miss. Schmidt prior to the performance.

Students are asked to stay and watch the performance of their peers.  There is a written reflection that will be graded after the concert as part of the quarterly grade.   The students of all performing groups work extremely hard to perform for the audience and it is showing courtesy to all performing students when audience members stay for the entire concert.  If for some reason students are not able to stay and watch their peers, please be sure to leave between pieces while the audience is clapping. This will avoid distracting the performers in the middle of a song or piece of music. Students should also inform Miss. Schmidt that they are leaving prior to the concert starting. Choir members will be required to sit in an assigned area with the ensemble.

Please be advised that changes in the concert dates can and may occur due to holidays, weather or other events.  Please try to be flexible when this happens, we understand and apologize for any inconveniences that may be caused.  However we always have the best interest of the students in mind and do our best to ensure success in all activities/events.

Performance/Concert Attire

Students will be asked to dress accordingly for public performances.  The required concert attire is black pants/skirt and black dress shoes to wear under the choir robes.  School dress code will be enforced.  Showing up to a performance dressed inappropriately per the code will result in a 10% point deduction. During a performance you are representing this school and this music program to the community.  Be sure to give the community a positive representation.

 Choir Grades

The student’s grade on the report card will include:

·         Attendance of 2 lessons per quarter (25 points each)

·         Class Participation (10 daily participation points)

·         Concert attendance (200 points per concert in December/May)

·         Other performances that arise during the year (Veterans Day, Graduation, etc.)

·         Written work

All high school students will be asked to attend 2 lessons each quarter.  It is the student’s responsibility to sign up for these lessons at the time available each week.    

Attendance is also figured into the quarterly grade.  Students are allowed to have 3 absences without affecting their grade per quarter.  For every absence exceeding the limit of 3 a grade of “0” will be placed for your participation points on the missed day(s).


Each day students will earn 10 daily participation points.  If the student is tardy, talking out of turn, being disruptive or brings unacceptable food items into the classroom, etc, points will be deducted.


Tardiness will not be accepted.  If you come from another teacher without a pass this is considered a tardy.  You will be marked tardy on the attendance and 2 points will be taken from your daily participation grade for each tardy.

Phones should not be seen during class.  Students are not allowed to have their phones on them. As stated in the Student Handbook, if I see a cell phone, I will confiscate it. Please refer to the handbook for details on this policy.

DO NOT bring food, gum, energy drinks (Monster, Red Bull, etc.) or soda into the music room or auditorium. 2 points will be taken from your daily grade each time you bring one of these items into class.  Water bottles are encouraged.  Please be sure to follow the student hand book and use a clear water bottle.

The concerts are the semester project and are worth 200 points.  When you are part of a music group everyone depends on you so attendance is required!

There is more to music than the ink on the page.  There will be reading and writing assignments during the course of the year.  These assignments will be graded so be sure to put forth your best effort at all times.

Solo & Ensemble Participation

Every student will be required to learn a solo or ensemble piece as an assignment. It is up to Miss. Schmidt and the student(s) to decide if they will participate in District Solo & Ensemble. Having the opportunity to learn solo repertoire is crucial in the development of a young musician. Students will be highly encouraged to participate at District since they put in all the preparation on a piece.

Classroom Rules and Expectations:

1.             Students should always put forth his/her best effort.

2.             Students are required to have 2 singing lessons per quarter.

3.             Students must be on time so plan ahead!

4.        Students should have a pencil in rehearsal

5.             No chewing gum, no food, no drinking soda/energy drinks.

(Bottled water in a clear bottle is allowed and encouraged.)

6.             Respect yourself and others in and out of the choir room.

7.         No cell phones

8.             Have fun!            

Concert  Choir Concert & Contest Dates

*****Give a copy of these dates to your family and employer!  Dates are subject to change*****


November 2019                                    TBA                     Veterans Day

               December 12, 2019                                 7:30 pm               Winter Choir Concert

               January 18, 2020                                     ALL DAY            All-Star -  Tigerton

               February 22, 2020                                   ALL DAY            District S&E -  Pacelli, Stevens Point

                 April 3, 2020                                         ALL DAY            Large Group Concert Festival

               May 2, 2020                                           ALL DAY            State S & E, UWSP

               May 12, 2020                                         7:30 pm               Spring Choir Awards Concert

               TBD                                                 7:00 pm               Graduation

Awards Point System

In High School, students get the opportunity to do various things that earn them points. These participatory points get added up and students earn their letters, pins and other various awards based on the numbering system. The more the students are involved, the more points they earn which in turn means more awards!

Concert Choir:                                                       50 points per semester

All Star Choir Member:                                         40 points per year

Show Choir:                                                           30 points per year

Musical:                                                                  30 points per year

Choral Librarian:                                                   20 points per year

Choir Council Officer:                                 15 points per year

Choir Council Member:                                         10 points per year

Attend an outside performance:                          10 points per performance

Performance Outside of Choir Requirements:   10 points per performance

Solo & Ensemble:

                                       Class A *1:                                            25 points

                                       Class A   1:                                                  20 points

                                       Class A   2:                                                     15 points

                                       Class A   3:                                                      10 points

                                       Class B   1:                                                       15 points

                                       Class B   2:                                                       10 points

                                       Class B   3:                                                         5 points

                                       Class C   1:                                                              10 points

                                       Class C   2:                                                       5 points

State Solo & Ensemble:                                                                  25 points

Awards to be earned:

                                       Choir Letter:                                                 200 points

                                       Choir Pin:                                                     400 points

                                       Senior Choir Trophy:                                      500 points

Just a Note

I just wanted to write a little note to share with you all how excited I am to begin this journey with you! For those of you who may not know me, I am a recent graduate of UW-Stevens Point. My first experience at Almond-Bancroft was when I did my student teaching here with Mary Nowinski and the 5th-12th grade bands! I absolutely loved the community feel here at this school, and the students and staff were very welcoming to me. I am very excited and feel honored that I get to work at this school and work with these fine students! My goal for each and every student is that they find the joy in music and that they leave the classroom each day feeling excited, relieved and more knowledgeable than when they came in! I look forward to getting to know all of you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at tschmidt@abschools.k12.wi.us or by phone at 715-366-2941 ext. 124.

***Please return this form to Miss. Schmidt by SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2019***

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Classroom Rules and Expectations:

1.             Students should always put forth his/her best effort.

2.             Students are required to have 2 singing lessons per quarter.

3.             Students must be on time so plan ahead!

4.        Students should have a pencil in rehearsal

5.             No chewing gum, no food, no drinking soda/energy drinks.

(Bottled water in a clear bottle is allowed and encouraged.)

6.             Respect yourself and others in and out of the choir room.

7.         No cell phones

8.             Have fun!  

Yes I have read the Almond-Bancroft Schools Choir Handbook and understand the policies and expectations stated within.  This includes, but is not limited to, grading procedures, behavioral expectations, the choir calendar, and performance/attendance obligations.

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