Where I Am From

By Student 47813

Inspired by “Where I'm From” by George Ella Lyon

I am from the big, hard, loud T.V.

From a hard, loud, ipod and white and green hard xbox.

I am from the big green apartment

with five animals.

I am from the white soft daisy.

The hard stone sidewalk.

I’m from going to Walt Disney World and celebrating Thanksgiving.

From Lorie and Clay.

I’m from travels a lot and late a lot.

And from being early.

I’m from “clean the house” and “clean your room”.

And Lollipop.

I’m from celebrating Christmas.

I’m from Lebanon, New Hampshire and England.

Lasagna and calzones.

From my Grandma is an Indian

who travels a lot.

The stuffy dog my mom’s uncle passed down.