Welcome to Crossroads!

Every year, as we approach our event in September, I feel the need for a calming end to my season. As many of you know, I run or work at events from February to September each year, and by the time the fall rolls around, I truly need to pause and take stock of my life. This year is no different.

I invite you to take this time at Crossroads to relax and learn. What you learn about is up to you. I plan to learn some new rope tricks, a few ukulele chords and strums, and possibly re-learn how to chill out. What do you want to learn?

I also plan to spend time with friends, old and new, perhaps put my feet up (maybe I’ll finally order myself that camp chair with the ottoman built in...), meet some new people, and get to the fire more.

Many many years of going to events has taught me that it’s important, though, to leave room for the unplanned, so I’m keeping my mind open. I want to be able to enjoy that part of the journey as well.

So expect the unexpected, and I think you’ll have chosen well. ~Cat

Meet the Presenters!

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Thursday 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Vicarious Joy: Harnessing the Energy of Compersion with Polyphonist - Playspace

A class/discussion for non-monogamous people of all types. We will cover the basics of compersion, including what it is, how to overcome challenges you may encounter, and ways to harness and use the joyful energy that compersion can offer. Partnered and non-partnered are all welcome.

Practical Protocols with Madame Tak - Barn

Protocols don't always have to be intensive acts done while nude kneeling in front of your partner. Those are fun, but add some variety and vanilla friendly ones to your routine! Join Madame Tak and Entropy Bound in a discussion of practical protocols that work to strengthen your D/s dynamic as well as being fair to each person's unique styles, interests and limitations.

Polyamory, What is it? with Gregg - Back of the Dining Hall

Polyamory - What is it? What are all these terms? How does polyamory work? What attitudes, techniques, or dynamics help it work better?

Polyamory is a great concept and lots of great stuff can happen. Yet, it’s complicated. People use terms including: primary and secondary, relationship anarchy, triads, quads, solo polyamory, etc… What do these terms mean, why do they matter, and how do they affect a relationship? What are some pitfalls and how can they be avoided or traversed? How can someone incorporate better ways to be both happy and true to themself? Workshop aimed at clarifying hows, whys, and tools. Bring your experiences, questions, listening, and wisdom to the group. Sharing insights allows people to see different paths and even avoid some of the mistakes others have made.

Thursday 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Pretty Rope with Bosch - Playspace

There are many reasons to tie someone up: sex, control, restraints, suspension. This class is about simple techniques to make your rope work “pretty”, suitable for photography or displaying yourself or rope bottom at parties. We will discuss how to be attentive to the way your rope and knots lay. We will incorporate weaving, decorative knots and find ways to creatively finish a tie (using up all the leftover rope). We incorporate the techniques we discuss into the Chest Harness and Karada but show how these techniques can be incorporated into any tie. We will talk about how to incorporate other objects (rings, wood, chopsticks) into our ties.  Class participants will be encouraged to be imaginative, to develop their own artistic style and exchange ideas with the class.

Level: Intermediate -- Bring: 2-3 ropes 20-30+ feet in length, and some smaller diameter rope or paracord 4-8 feet, rings, chopsticks, or anything you want to be able to artistically incorporate into your ties.

Magic as Gardening with Eyrie - Barn

No green thumb required!  Planting, harvesting, and using the things we have nurtured into existence are powerful practices that are possible whether you own acres of land or simply have a spot on the windowsill for a few potted plants.  The metaphors of tending a garden can also be potent tools for magic and ritual.  This workshop will examine how the language and cycles of plant and garden magic can be used as ritual/magical structure independent of working with 'green magic.'  There will be a particular focus on the use of magical 'fertilizers,' including composting as a tool for transforming complex and challenging material.

Live Your Fantasy with Beth & Preston - Back of the Dining Hall

What are your fantasies? What would it be like to actually “live” your fantasy at this event? What if you could design a scene that would actually give you a sense of living your fantasy? This session is for you if...

• You have a fantasy you would like to experience.

• Your “kink,” like mine, is helping other people live their fantasy.

• You want a first-hand look at the actual process of turning a fantasy into a scene.

At previous events several attendees enjoyed creating and living their fantasy. We have years of experience creating fantasy realities for ourselves and for others, fantasies as simple as being touched by a group of people and as extreme as virgin sacrifice. Would you like to make your fantasy part of your event this year?

Our goal for this class is to extend beyond the workshop time into scenes that provide for you to live your fantasy.

Thursday Evening

Open Playspace Hours (8pm - 12midnight)

Play and Plan… at the Fire with CrossFire Team - Upper Fire Circle, 9pm

Welcome new friends and say hello to old ones. A great place to fill in any empty places on your dance card.

Serene Sadism: How To Be A Nasty Top Without Loosing Your Balance with Thista Minai - Barn

Sadistic play lets us indulge in fantasies of violence and suffering, often providing a necessary release of visceral desires… but sometimes it feels like the urge is too strong, and the monster once freed will never go back to sleep. How can we be our nasty selves, and still maintain enough stability to function in the outside world? Come learn how to feed your inner beast without losing your inner balance.

Sadistic Spelling Bee with Madame Tak (8:00-9:00 pm) - Back of the Dining Hall

Are you really good at spelling or like getting spanked? Do you like showing off your oral skills? Shove your skills in everyone’s face at the Sadistic Spelling Bee! The winner will be awarded a fantastic prize and special sash! From stuffing your mouth to being distracted by impact, there will certainly be some surprises in store!

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Friday 10:00am - 12noon

Hitch & Go with Bosch - Playspace

In most rope work the resulting ties are pretty much symmetrical, if you do something to one side, you repeat on the other side. In most rope work you pretty much know where you are going and, for the most part, know what the tie will look like before you tie it. These are ties you practice and are a part of your “rope arsenal”. This class uses none of that. This class is about improvisation. We will start with the rope secured in different places and then see where it takes us. Participants will be invited to tie wrists, arms, torsos, legs, ankles to each other in creative ways mostly using two simple hitches, the munter hitch and the cow hitch. Participants will be invited to pick a direction and see where the rope goes and where you and your rope bottom take it. We will start with a guided tie and then each participant will set out on their own. We will discuss different techniques that make these basic ties work and not work, rope tension, anchoring, reversing direction, taking up slack, etc.

Level: Beginner -- Bring 1-2 ropes 20-30+ feet in length.

Bizarre Discussions of Quantum Physics with Beth & Preston - Back of the Dining Hall

What do we mean by bizarre discussions? What does that have to do with either quantum physics or spirituality? This is a “what if” discussion class. It is intended for sharing. For the geeks: yes, we will discuss science, especially quantum physics. But we will also stretch the possibilities that quantum physics offers. For the spiritualists and healers: we will look at some of the strange things you may have seen and experienced with the consideration of whether they fit into the quantum physics model or are, in some way, explained by quantum physics. The intent of the class is to gain a better understanding of our world from both a scientific and spiritual perspective, but also to look beyond that to possibilities, maybe even to the bizarre. Bring your knowledge, experiences, questions, and bizarre musings. Let’s see how far our world really stretches, or at least have fun playing with the concept. This is intended to be a fun class, a bit nerdy, a bit fanciful, and a lot speculative.

Friday 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Fireplay: From Theatrics to Healing + Practice Time! with FireOnWater - Playspace

Have you ever wanted to learn fireplay? Do you want to learn different techniques and styles? Learn how to do fireplay, how different techniques can be used, and maybe a new trick or two! This is a two-part class with roughly an hour of instruction followed by chances to top or bottom (and yes, you CAN do fireplay if you’re hairy). From theatrics to healing, you're invited to get lost in the flames. Starting after the class there will be a chance for people to have one on one time with trained fire tops/bottoms to get a chance to practice with assistance.

Kinky Kit Show & Tell with Madame Tak - Barn

Have you ever been in a Dungeon and wanted to get a better look at someone's bag but didn't want to interrupt? Do you have a kick ass kit that you're dying to share? Our kits show our personality and style, not to mention our skills! Show off your stuff at this workshop, see other's kits outside of the Dungeon and share shopping secrets.

Surviving the Fire with Hillary - Back of the Dining Hall

Trauma recovery after adverse sexual experiences is a long journey, but the only way out is through. We’ll discuss how to build or re-build healthy sexual habits, handle triggers, and select healthy partners. All are welcome, though the discussion will be focused on those in recovery.

Friday 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Sanctifying Your Kink with Thista Minai - Playspace

Are you yearning to bring your kink into the realm of the sacred? Have you stumbled into that numinous place where the boundary between sex and spirit disappears? Do you want to incorporate an element of spirituality into your existing kink dynamic? Join us to learn skills and strategies for bringing spirituality to your scenes, and nurturing the sacred moments you discover in your play.

Why is there a cross in the road with Crossfire Team - Upper Fire Circle

Cross road Deities. Their likes and dislikes.

Gardening as Magic Tea Time with Eyrie - Back of the Dining Hall

Cozy Crafty crafting! Bring your favorite home made tea blends and/or your own seed harvests or surpluses.  Make and share recipes and containers.  Cards, decorative supplies, and hot water will be provided.  A cozy daily open 'tea time' where people can gather and swap recipes, rituals,  ideas,  teas, and materials.  Repeats Fri/Sat, and crafting materials will be accessible between the two workshop times.

Creative Sex: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques with Kam - Barn

Is it possible to go from "pretty good in bed" to "sex like a rockstar?" How about from there to "sex god/ess?" Good sex can be created from body chemistry and basic communication, but sex can be so much better than merely good. We believe that fantastic, mind-blowing sex must also incorporate the deeper aspects of ongoing consent, anatomical understanding beyond knowing how to locate the clit/anus/penis/nipples, whole-body listening, and compersion. This hands-on workshop will include exercises in each of the above and some body parts may be available for demonstration and practice. All bodies, orientations, genders,  and relationship configurations (including solo!) are welcome and desired. While sign-up is not required, please arrive promptly as only those present for the opening consent exercise will be allowed to participate in the later exercises.

Ukulele Singing Circle with Polyphonist - Dance Pavilion

Bring your ukes if you've got them! (But no worries if you don't.) Either way, definitely bring your bodies and voices to join in a celebration of music as connection that is one part singing circle and one part sing-a-long. You'll be lead through a short vocal warm up and then we'll raise our voices in song!

Friday Evening

Open Playspace Hours (8pm - 12midnight)

Come to the intersection of Dark and Light (Fire Circle Ritual) with Crossfire Team - Upper Fire Circle, 10pm

Ask at the Crossroads of your hearts delight or perhaps just pay your fare and skip into the night. Stomp and drag rings around the Fire or flit your fairy wings. We’ll be open late folks!

Human Art Gallery with Madame Tak (Barn - 8-10 pm)

Behold the body on display. An optionally interactive installation where you can view the beauty of body modifications including tattoos and piercings. Join us as a work of living art or a patron of beauty.

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Saturday 10:00am - 12noon

Arm Binding Techniques with Bosch - Playspace

We will learn 3 designs to bind the arms in the front or the back including the dragonfly knot arm binder. We will discuss how to incorporate arm binding safely into the hog tie and how to modify our ties to serve various positions and intentions. We will also learn a simple and fun Chinese arm-wrapping arm restraint. Level: Beginner Bring: 2-3 ropes 20-30+ feet in length

Botanical Beatings 101: A Class in Rose Flogging with Polyphonist - Barn

Most people concur that roses are gorgeous. However, did you know that they are more than just beautiful decoration…they’re a fun, versatile bouquet of sensation! In this class, learn how the most ouchy part of the rose isn’t always the thorn. We’ll go over the basics of how-to administer a rose flogging and also how to engage all the senses in this innovative method of impact play. Topics included: * the selection process of roses * a live, in-class negotiation* safety precautions* techniques* a live demo flogging If time allows, class participants who choose to will have the opportunity to either feel or administer a brief rose flogging with instructor supervision and guidance.

Reality, Cool Concept with Gregg - Back of the Dining Hall

We are often required to function in a world that dismisses the difficult to explain as “unreal.” How can those of us who experience the unexplained balance the strangeness with the very restrictive definition of “reality” that is commonly held? What is different about those of us whom the unexplained interacts with? Do we reach for it, or it for us - or yes, both? What do strange experiences mean for us? Is there more than one reality? Workshop aimed at clarifying hows, whys, tools, meanings, and even expanding a definition of reality. Bring your experiences, questions, listening, and wisdom to the group.

Saturday 1:00pm - 3:00pm

G-spot and Female Ejaculation with Beth & Preston - Playspace

Everyone talks about the G-spot and female ejaculation, but do they really exist? More importantly, can they exist for me and, if so, will they add to my sexual pleasure? In this hands-on class we will briefly talk about these topics, give you the opportunity to actually see a woman’s G-spot and ejaculation, then concentrate on helping you to find that spot on yourself and/or a partner. For best results, bring vagina to play with, but singles will not be turned away. You may also want to bring pillows, towels, blankets or other items to help make yourself and your partner comfortable during practice. Lube is also helpful for some exercises.

A Kinkster's Guide to Western Occultism with Thista Minai - Barn

BDSM offers visceral exploration of spirituality, but where do you go to learn more about how and why sacred kink works? What types of training systems are available, and how do you figure out which one is right for you? How do you find a group you might get along with? Come dip your toes into the world of occultism with a kinky guide to contemporary western mystical traditions.

Talking Circle for Sexual Abuse Survivors with Hillary - Dance Pavillion

While there are lots of opportunities for fun at festivals, sometimes they can feel overwhelming or triggering to those who have experienced the harmful side of kink/sexuality.  This circle is a safe space where survivors have an opportunity to share what they're going through, or they can simply listen and provide support for others.  Partners of survivors who can retain respectful silence and help hold space are welcome.  All genders are welcome.

Saturday 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Cathartic Flogging with Thista Minai - Playspace

Catharsis is a process of release, purification, and relief, whereby one is rid of repressed emotions and energies. Come learn how flogging can elicit mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual catharsis. This workshop does not focus on technical flogging skills, so please have some knowledge of the fundamentals.

Bringing the gifts in with Crossfire Team - Upper Fire Circle

We get a lot around the fire. Inspiration, passion, fuel for our lives. How do we learn to use those gifts in order to make us whole?

Gardening as Magic Tea Time with Eyrie - Back of the Dining Hall

Cozy Crafty crafting! Bring your favorite home made tea blends and/or your own seed harvests or surpluses.  Make and share recipes and containers.  Cards, decorative supplies, and hot water will be provided.  A cozy daily open 'tea time' where people can gather and swap recipes, rituals,  ideas,  teas, and materials.  Repeats Fri/Sat, and crafting materials will be accessible between the two workshop times.

Saturday Evening

Open Playspace Hours (8pm - 12midnight)

Finding Whole (Fire Circle Ritual) with CrossFire Team - Upper Fire Circle, 10pm

The focus of this fire is bringing our Blessings and Sacrifices together to make us whole. Sing, drum, chant, and dance the night away. Stay up late and kiss Summer good bye deeply.

101 Things to Do with a Limp Dick with Beth & Preston - Back of the Dining Hall

There’s very little that is sexier or more fun to play with than a limp dick. There can be almost as many reasons for it as there are things to do with it. Following a short discussion of the whys, this hands-on class will explore how to have fun and get it on even when he can’t get it hard…and who knows what might happen after that. For best results, bring a real live dick to play with, but singles will not be turned away.

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Meet the Presenters!

Beth & Preston are spiritual/sexual educators. Our life experiences have brought us face to face with our sexuality and the issues created by aging, health and other of life's little surprises. Having grown through these experiences, we focus on sharing what we've learned to help others make the most of their own sexuality and lives.

Bosch has been tying people up for well over a decade now. Sometimes making it look pretty, sometimes making it hurt, but always enjoying himself in the process. In his vanilla life, he is a music teacher, a web designer, a father, a very kind and generous guy. In his non-vanilla life he is still all those things, but is not afraid of showing his dominant, sadistic side to those who appreciate that sort of thing. He loves kinky antiques, and is a bookseller specializing in erotic and BDSM-related books 100+ years old.

The Crossroads CrossFire Team is made up of an assortment of beings ready to help you create the space to transform and transmute.   We are musicians, fire folk, and tribe-oriented magicians.  

Eyrie is delighted by paradox, craves the liminal, and is unabashedly inquisitive about all aspects of human behavior.  She is a polyamorous, demisexual slut, who's spirituality is very much bound up in kink, sex, and the science and magic of ritual-making.

Among the many roles and titles she embodies, such as mother, submissive, student, and writer, Eyrie is an epidemiologist, trauma researcher, and licensed social worker who has developed and taught workshops for young people and helping professionals about teen sexuality, resiliency, strategic sharing, and institutionalized power dynamics. Her research in the neuroscience of trauma and recovery intersects with her understanding of the power of magical communities: particularly in how synchronicity, rhythm, and connection create opportunities for profound learning and growth.  She is a contributing author to Queer Magic: Power Beyond Boundaries.

FireOnWater is a pansexual, polyamorous, researcher, forest lover, singer, advocate, sadomasochistic, switch with a love of fire, impact, primal, and edge play. She has been in the scene for five years and has loved fire since day one. A painslut, FireOnWater loves to play hard, topping or bottoming, but also showing how to work levels and surprises in. She is on the coordination team for several events and demos fireplay frequently. If you can't find her, she's probably in the woods.

Gregg is a solitary, eclectic spiritual practitioner drawn to mystical traditions centered on direct contact with the normally unseen universe. Polyamorous for over thirty years, involved in BDSM for over twenty, and working to weave these three areas of life into a tapestry that captures the reality of the richness and complexity of human life. The past year has brought some very direct and personal experiences with the unseen elements, some of which touch many of us. These have enhanced a long held belief that “The world around us is stranger than we like to think it is.” A Baltimore resident for more than twenty years, although he has spent about six of those years overseas for professional reasons.

Hillary has been in recovery for mental health issues for over two decades with a focus on trauma recovery since 2012. They completed Recovery Coach training for addiction and mental illness in spring 2019. Also a shamanic practitioner, they have spent many sacred sexuality festivals exploring the intersection of mental health, trauma, and spirituality.

Kam (she/her) is a scientist who works in biochemistry and human anatomy and has some background in secondary education. She believes that kindness is the highest calling and tries to live by the motto "always do what is best for the person(s) with the least power." She is active in the kink and poly scenes in New England and really, *really* enjoys sex. Let's learn together!

Madame Tak is a lifestyle Domme with a flair for intense experiences and facilitating scenes. As a graduated Master, this polyamorous Pansexual uses her deep love of education and communication to share with others so they can strengthen their own connections with BDSM. Her style has been shared with residencies at Club Orpheus and Risqué. Her experience includes versatile impact and sensation play, navigating multi leveled relationships from long distance to live in submissives, running a Dungeon, as well presence and intention.

Polyphonist (Pronouns: ze/zir and she/her) is a queer, nonbinary, pagan relationship anarchist, published writer, singer, burlesque dancer, actress, activist, and switchtastic switch who's been in and around the scene for twenty years. Previously, as Femme Fae la Butche, ze co-founded the White Elephant Burlesque Society. As zirself in the past two decades, ze has directed and performed in local theatrical productions and in solo musical performances, sang in a UU choir, been an event planner, and also has taught classes and been on panels for things such as R.A.C.K. play, polyamory, burlesque, body positivity / movement / seduction for all body types, and water fitness. Ze specializes in rose flogging and has been doing it for 15+ years and teaching classes in it for nearly 10 years. In addition to the above, she has a deep and abiding affection for tea, driving, leather, laughter, reading, ukuleles, queer sex, fountain pens, the ocean, energy play, cuddling, musicals, making out, hiking, Harry Potter, knives, kayaking, candles, and intimate, meandering conversations about sex, poly / RA, paganism / spirituality, kink, love, creativity, music, and gender – inclusive and exclusive of each other.

Thista Minai is an author, priestess, ordeal facilitator, and gleeful sadist. Benefiting from a professional background in education, Thista teaches classes on a wide variety of topics, including sacred sexuality, the ordeal path, catharsis, impact, and needle play. With more than fifteen years of experience in designing and conducting rituals, Thista travels the country championing the value of spirituality and empowerment in kink and BDSM.