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DYF Virtual Adult Retreat 2020 | Program Schedule
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2020 Program Schedule

*Schedule subject to change. All times PST.

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Education Sessions

Diabetes Talk

Social Activities

Thursday, August 13, 2020


Retreat Opening Social

Celebrate with us as we kick off the retreat weekend. Meet other participants, review the weekend’s activities, and engage in fun activities.

Friday, August 14, 2020


Education Sessions

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1 | DIY Looping with Dr. Justin Altschuler

If the term "Looping" is new to you, or you are interested in learning more about this do-it-yourself automatic insulin delivery system, this session is for you! Dr. Justin Altschuler will give an overview of the Loop system, answer questions and even give tips on how to maximize your current DIY Looping system.

2 | Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Diabetes Care with Dr. Calvin Wu

Gain insights on the challenges of transitioning from pediatric to adult diabetes care, discuss tips on how to make that process as smooth as possible, and learn how Steady Health can help.

3 | Off to College with College Diabetes Network

Join us for a chat on all things college and diabetes! From packing up, talking to roommates, navigating the dining hall, and coping with mental health and burnout, we'll make sure you have everything you need to be prepared for the big transition. Come with your questions! Families and students welcome.

4 | Diabetes Management Strategies and Navigating the “blood glucose rollercoaster” Around Exercise with Dessi Zaharieva, PhD

We have all heard that exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle for people with type 1 diabetes. But, we likely also know that navigating blood glucose levels around exercise can be extremely tough. Join this session to learn some tips and tricks, and individualized strategies on diabetes management with the goal of facilitating improved glucose control around exercise.

5 | The Emotional Burden of Diabetes and How We Can Harness Technology to Help with Christine Wu

Managing diabetes can be hard and tiring. Join us for a workshop discussing diabetes distress and the emotional burden it can have, and how we can use technology and each other to support our day-to-day.


DYF Bake-off Challenge

Join Leah and Marilyn for a baking challenge inspired by the Netflix show ‘Nailed It!’ The focus this time will be on dessert, with everyone attempting to make the same dish! We’ll send out the ingredient list ahead of time, so you can get what you need to plan and prepare. The whole family is invited, kids and adults!  Separate registration required for this event.


Diabetes Talk

(Select one)

Small group discussions based on your interests or situation. Select from:

  1. Newly Diagnosed
  2. T1D College Students
  3. LADA + Less Common Diabetes Diagnosis
  4. Partners + Family of those living with T1D
  5. DYF Staff & Alumni
  6. Diabetes Champs (10+ years living with diabetes)
  7. Open Forum

Saturday, August 15, 2020


Education Sessions

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1 | Living with the Physical and Mental Health Complications of T1D with Dr. Sarah Altschuler

In this session, we will come together to help people gain support and knowledge about how to manage the added challenges of living with the physical and/or mental complications of T1D.

2 | Medical Alert Dogs and Beyond with Dogs4Diabetics

Dogs4Diabetics clients Ken and Abe delve into the wonderful ways their service dogs provide not only assistance with their diabetes, but also keeping their wellness in check. Learn also about the support programs D4D has to offer you and how you can help D4D with their training!

3 | Tips & Tricks for Tandem Control IQ with Dr. Lisa Norlander

Learn about the science and research behind the Tandem Control IQ pump as well as tips for using the different features. This talk will be appropriate for people already using Control IQ or for people contemplating switching to Tandem Control IQ.

4 | Off to Work with College Diabetes Network

Join CDN staff for a dynamic discussion around all things transitioning into the workplace. Topics discussed include interviewing, insurance, and adjusting to a new role, with new people, and a new schedule. Learn about CDN's resources and tips to a successful transition, whether it is a part time internship from home, or a full time position in a new city.


Alumni-Only Luncheon

Alumni are invited for an alumni-only virtual luncheon. Share camp photos, reminisce over camp memories, show off vintage camp gear and connect with alumni near and far. We invite alumni from the entire history of DYF, BMC, CDLN, Camp Whitaker and more!


Education Sessions

(Select one)

1 | Making Sense of CGM Reports & Making Your Own Adjustments with Dr. Marina Basina

We will discuss CGM reports, learn how to identify the patterns, when to review the data, and how to utilize the information in between the doctor’s visits, so you can become the experts in your own CGM interpretation and taking action.

2 | Diabetes Tech Roundtable

Hear directly from some of the companies providing diabetes technology products to those living with diabetes. Learn about current products, as well as products arriving soon. Current representation from Tandem, Insulet (OmniPod), Medtronic & Abbott (Freestyle Libre).


Diabetes Talk

(Select one)

Small group discussions based on your interests or situation. Select from:

  1. Outdoor Recreation, Adventure & Travel with T1D
  2. Pregnancy & Parenting with T1D
  3. Dating & Relationships with T1D
  4. Dealing with Multi-Diagnosis & Diabetes Complications
  5. Care Management with New & Different Tools
  6. Partners + Families: Dealing with Diabetes Care, Emergencies & Burnout
  7. Open Forum

Alumni-Only LuncheonSunday, August 16, 2020


Afternoon Activities

(Select one)

1 | Yoga and Movement with Noel

All ages and abilities welcome.

2 | Introductory Martial Arts Basics with Tyler

All ages and abilities welcome. In-person partners are encouraged for activity, but not required.


Education Sessions

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1 | Using CGM to Live the Life You Want with Dr. Sushma Reddy

Dr. Sushma Reddy will review CGM, the various options , their features, data on the benefits of CGM and how incorporating CGM and technology can empower individuals with diabetes to live the life they want.

2 | T1D Women Journey from Preconception to Breastfeeding with Dr. Marina Basina & Brooke Gibson of T1D Sugar Mommas

During the session we will go through the dietary and insulin recommendations, challenges type 1 diabetes women encounter during this journey, and how to make this journey safe and enjoyable.

3 | T1D Sick Days and Using Glucagon with Jeannie Hickey, RN, BS, CDE

This session will explore how to handle illness when living with T1D, as well as situations that require glucagon. We’ll even share how to utilize the mini-glucagon protocol to assist with stubborn lows.

4 | Update on Closed-Loop studies, what is in the near future with Dr. Bruce Buckingham

What is on the horizon for diabetes tech? Hear updates on Tandem IQ, Medtronic 780G (Next Gen), Insulet Omnipod 5/Horizon, Bionic Pancreas Insulin Only with new iLet.


Retreat Closing Social

We are always sad to see a program come to an end, but are grateful for the time we get to spend together. Join us for one final gathering and celebrate with us. You can also learn about ways to stay connected with the diabetes community until we can meet again.