Directions to log into an iComply Course:

  1. Click this link:

  1. This is what the page should look like.

  1. Click on “Don’t have an account? Click here to register.”

  1. This is what the next page should look like.

  1. Enter your information (make sure it matches your ticket information--same email address and name).
  2. Click on “Register.”
  1. NOTE: If you stopped at this step, make sure the next time you access your course that you are logged in under your personal login.
  2. This is especially important on shared computer.
  3. This is what the top right corner of the screen should look like, except it should say your name! If it doesn’t say your name, log out and log back into your account.

  1. This is what the next page should look like. It may contain more than one course. In this case, the student is entering the Colorado Responsible Vendor Training course, but these directions will work for any course generally at iComply.

  1. Click “Enter Course.”

  1. This is what the next page should look like. You will be asked for your ENROLLMENT CODE, which was sent to you in your registration email.

  1. Enter your enrollment code.
  2. This is what the next page should look like.

  1. Enter the course by clicking the first topic, in this case, “RVT Attendee Identification.” Each training will have similar topics as the first topic.

  1. Begin the course and follow the directions.
  2. Be sure to watch the video/s all the way through.
  3. After the video, the Final Exam will become available. Usually, you will see a timer at the bottom of the page:

  1. After the time limit hours are up, you will be able to mark lessons complete and move onto the next step:

  1. After marking the appropriate lesson complete, you will be able to access the final exam. Click the exam name in order to access the test:

  1. If you fail quizzes or exams by scoring a 70% or lower, you will not be able to advance in the course. You will need to re-register for the course and take an alternate version of the final exam in accordance with industry-standard requirements.
  2. After you complete the test with a 70% or higher, you may be prompted to take the satisfaction survey, we also have access your Certificate of Completion.

  1. PLEASE BE SURE to click through and complete the required items of the satisfaction survey. This survey is ANONYMOUS! You are not required to share your opinion with us. We always appreciate your feedback, though, so don’t be shy!
  2.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom and click “Submit” and “Mark Complete to continue to access your certificate.

  1. You will be able to access your certificate by clicking the hyperlink at the bottom of the screen after you complete the Feedback Form:

  1. Download and save/print your certificate:

We will forward a copy of your certificate to your supervisor (for Current Clients) and to you.

If you have any issues with this process, please contact us at or via phone at (303) 481-6622 or text (719) 321-4578.