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MTN Board Agenda and Minutes 6.10.2019
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Minneapolis Telecommunications Network

Board Meeting Agenda

Monday, June 10, 2019

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Board Minutes from 5.13.2019
  3. Public Commentary (3 minutes per person signed up)
  4. Executive Director Update - Valerie Lockhart
  5. Closed private session - Update on ongoing legal proceedings
  6. Board meeting adjourned

MINUTES - JUNE 10, 2019

Attendance:  David Allison (Chair), Mike Wade (Treasurer), Destaye Crawford (Secretary), Ilse Rolf (Board), Valerie Lockhart (Executive Director)

Public in Attendance: Ron Edwards, Brother Wayne (POP), Brother Love, Patrice Love, Stuart Devaan, Vanessa Lawrow, Alex Nelson

Absent: Jon Samuelson (Vice-Chair)

Meeting called to order: 6:05pm

Minutes from 5/13/2019 meeting: Approved

Public commentary: Vanessa Lawrow came to see what Board meetings are all about because she may be interested in applying for service, she also recorded the meeting with her own camera. As well, she asked for an update on the issue with former employee, Hamil Griffin-Cassidy, and was told that the Board would not be discussing that situation with her. Ron Edwards, Brother Wayne, Stuart Devaan, and Brother Love all addressed the Board in regards to their support of the current direction of MTN and their approval of Ninja Media International’s leadership of the organization. Stuart Devaan commented specifically on the technical direction MTN has taken and how it is in line with the needs of the community. Alex Nelson did not make commentary but did record the session with his own camera.

Executive Director Update:  Valerie gave an update on some of the things the organization has faced over the past two years, including extortion attempts, theft, defamation, and harassment. She explained that this, combined with partnerships with elderly work programs and college media intern programs has led to new processes and procedures being put in place for maintaining continual safety in the space for the members, interns, and volunteers who now work at MTN. Badge access installation is now complete. Ambassadors will have extended access, but parameters are still to be determined. Check-in procedures and reception desk have been implemented. Safety/emergency procedures and documentation have been put into place. Community officers have been engaged and are fully aware of what is happening at MTN. Valerie then went on to discuss new interns that are on board for the summer, engaging a member for assistance with grant applications, an ambassador is coming on for more coverage hours to help members in the space. MTN is expanding the partnership with MCAD, had a great event with Augsburg, and upcoming community events include Juneteenth, NE Parade, Turtle Derby, and Open Streets. Valerie also answered questions and the group had a discussion about what the process is for people applying for board membership.

Public Board Meeting Adjourned: 7:10pm

Private Board Session: Discussion of ongoing legal issues and update from lawyer