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Million Widow March
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Million Widow March

        On February 14, 2018, the Social Security Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released their report #A-09-18-50559 titled "Higher Benefits for Dually Entitled Widow(er)s Had They Delayed Applying for Retirement Benefits."  I am John McAdams, a Social Security Claims Authorizer in Philadelphia.  I'm also the whistle-blower identified in that report.
The report found over 13,000 widow(er)s who lost out on over $130,000,000 in benefits because Social Security (SSA) incorrectly signed them up for both Survivor and Retirement benefits at the same time.
        OIG recommended that SSA take action, as appropriate, for the beneficiaries identified by the audit.  SSA agreed to do so.
        Three and a half years have passed since that report was issued.  To date,
NONE of the victims have been made whole.
        Unfortunately, there's no way for an individual to determine on their own whether or not they are a victim of this error -- Only Social Security can supply the data needed.  But we can help by giving you a form for Social Security to fill out on your behalf.

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