Senior Privilege Pass


The Senior Privilege Pass allows a senior to leave school grounds during non-instructional time or third lunch.  It is permission to leave the building for the rest of the school day. The senior pass is an extension of freedom awarded to those seniors who demonstrate by their grades and good citizenship that they are mature, responsible young adults who deserve the opportunity to exercise greater judgment in the use of their time.  If students decide to stay in the building, they may report to a teacher's classroom, the library or the cafeteria (if open). Seniors may not walk around the building and must remain in the room to which they reported.

        Attendance:          No truancy from school

                                No class cuts

No more than 3 excused tardies in any class


        Academic:        Minimum of C- average in classes, no Incompletes

Minimum of 32.5 academic credits per year

        Behavior:           No suspensions the previous quarter the pass is issued

No lingering in hallways

No returning to school from pass late – no excuses

No bringing food back to BHS

No driving students without passes off campus

Never taking an underclassman off campus

Never failing to show picture ID when requested to do so by a staff member

Never be a disturbance to the community when off campus

Never give the pass to anyone else to use

The Senior Privilege Pass may be revoked if the student fails to adhere to the criteria.  Parental permission is required. The administration reserves the right to suspend Senior Privilege for all students in certain instances (e.g., inclement weather, school emergency).

The following completed form needs to be turned in to assistant principal, Mr. Thomas’ office.  Students will be notified if they have been granted senior privilege after the second week of school.


DAY:        PANTHER        PRIDE


Guidance Counselor_________________________________

Student Signature______________________________________

Parent Signature_______________________________________

Guidance Counselor Signature_____________________________

Assistant Principal approval_____________