~ List of Supporters ~
Past and Present


A message from:

King Arthur Uther Pendragon 

I started to list some of the many people who have played a major role in supporting me and the Campaigns I have fought for over the years.

From the many who put their own lives on hold in order to support the living of  mine, The many folk who have  provided me with food, shelter, sustenance and where and when appropriate, financial support.
Whether it was general or specific funding for what was needed at any particular time, legal fees, office supplies, travel expenses, running expenses and so on.

It soon became abundantly clear that it was quite an extensive list and with the best will in the world I was sure to miss some out and thereby cause offence.

As I can not possibly list all, I shall list none.

I shall however use this opportunity to thank you one and all for you previous, future and continued support.

You know who you are and you know how much I value your support

Now and Always

Blessings from the Front

Arthur /|\
King Arthur Pendragon

© 2020