Stoke Red, 2018

Company Name

Wilding Cider

Name of Maker

Sam and Beccy Leach

Name of Product

Stoke Red



Season (year fruit grown)


Bottle Size


Alcohol level (% vol)


Case Size


Bottle Type

Green champagne

Closure Type

29mm Crown Cap

Is it vegan?



Varieties Used

Stoke Red 100%

About the Orchard

Old orchard in Abbot's Leigh just outside Bristol. It was planted by Coates Cider in 1951 and Redvers Coates lived in the house in the corner of the orchard. It was planted with an experimental set of trees and many (Hangdown, Sweet Coppin, Sandford Jersey) were later top-worked over to Dabinett and Yarlington Mill. We are looking after part of this large orchard, and there is one row of Stoke Red. Trees are very large and most likely they are grown on seedling stocks, with a short trunk and bizarrely overgrown upright limbs. Probably this was an early experiment with bush orchards and before the centre leader became the accepted form. The orchard is very biennial and quite wild, and as a result it has a slight tendency to over cropping but the Stoke Red last year gave exceptional fruit.Soil is heavy clay loam and very alive. The orchard is alongside woodland and biodiversity is good.

Vintage Conditions & Harvest

Very very hot and dry summer with lots of sun. Just enough rain in August and early September to keep things going well but then a sunny harvest season meant exceptional quality fruit. The Stoke Red dropped slightly earlier than expected and was ready to press almost immediately. Harvest was in the week of 20th October and pressed on the 25th.

Wild or Cultured Yeasts?

Wild yeasts

If cultured, more details:


Any sulphites?
(non naturally occurring)


Extra Details






Fermented In

Stainless Steel

Barrel Type


Any Other Details

Racked twice in the winter after the first ten points of fermentation and the next 5. Slowed to a crawl and bottled very late in July


Makers Aims/Intentions

We wanted to make a single variety/single orchard cider and see what the fruit gave. When it started so slowly we realised that it would give a sweet cider and we racked it to seize the opportunity for a completely natural sweet.


Still, but with a tiny prickle of gas

Extra Details (style)

Bottled at 10185


Yes very light dusting and sometime a little pectin gel but very minimal

On a Scale of Sweet - Dry


Residual Sugar level (g/l)


PH level


Titratable Acid level (g/l)

Original was 6g/l

Tasting Notes

Main Taste Characteristics

Sumptuous sweetness. Strawberries and cream and  floral notes. Acid and tannins are delicately poised to balance the sweetness

Scale of 1-5
(1=Delicate, 5=full bodied)


Food pairing  recommendations

Fresh cheese or apple crumble

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