Ms. Holland’s 4th/5th Grade Blog

First Field Trip to River of Time! 9/28/2018

        Well, today could have went better but it was cut short due to weather. There were many positives about the trip today. The students got to ride the State Street Academy bus for the first time today! They had a blast on the bus. The bus driver is very kind and commented about how polite and quiet our students are here at our school. When we were at the RIver of Time we visited the Native Americans and learned their way of living. We even had the opportunity to step inside of a Teepee. We visited Colonial America and noticed their clothing and food they eat was very different. We even learned a little bit about how mean King George was and how the colonists didn’t like him. This was exciting for me because I’m hoping students remember this when we start to discuss Colonial America in Social Studies this year. I bought the students rootbeer and kettle corn as well for a little snack. When we came back to the school we caught up on some of our work that we were behind in from testing this week.

Thank you to Mrs. Smith and Mr. Monroe for chaperoning our trip this time. We will be visiting the Frankenmuth Corn Maze next week weather permitting on Thursday. Even though it was cut short, I think the students enjoyed their time.