Body Talk Artistic Director: Ms. Kim Willett


Dancer must have completed at least one year of ballet, tap, and jazz training and be at least 7 years old in order to join Body Talk Dance Company (BT). BT dancers are required to take dance classes year round including summers. The commitment is for the full year, as the team depends on this commitment to plan performances. Dancers who drop out during the year will not be allowed to re-enroll the following year.


All dancers register for BT annually. BT registration is in addition to JWSD registration. Each dancer must complete the required paperwork and pay the required fees (online) before the BT orientation meeting in August. (Any outstanding BT and/or JWSD fees must be paid in full to enroll in BT.)


The BT orientation meeting is required for parents and dancers. Parents MUST be present for the entire orientation meeting. The meeting normally lasts 1.5 hours.

Where                                                                         JWSD Windsor Studio

When                                                                                      August 24, 2019

New Members                                                                      12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Returning Members                                                                 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM


Before the orientation meeting, please complete the following form which can be found in the Documents area of Team App (Team App discussed below).


Note: BT is required to have a copy of each BT member’s birth certificate on file.


Every dancer must have access to Team App (search your app store on your smartphone or go to, if using a web browser, and search for BodyTalk). The App is free. Once you find our team, request to join. If you have issues contact Ms. Nikki Stahl, Communications Chair at or (512)751-3557.

Team App is where all information is communicated including schedules, news, events, music, videos, etc. At least one parent must be a member on Team App. It is suggested that each dancer have their own member profile too and regularly check for communications. Please make sure to identify Guardian (on dancer member profile) and Child (on parent member profile)

Once you have access to Team App, please familiarize yourself with the different functions especially News, Availabilities, Chat, and Documents.


Each dancer is placed by Ms. Kim into a cohort based on skill level and other factors. Most incoming new-to-BT members enter as Freshman (Fresh). The other company levels are: Sophomores (Soph), Juniors (JR) and Seniors (SR). *Note: We are no longer using a Prep level. Prep or “Sparks” now refers to JWSD Preparatory Dancers who are preparing to enter BT Dance Company.


Classes (also called tech classes) - occur during the week and involve a particular discipline: tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, etc.

JWSD technique classes “tech classes” are arranged by tech levels. The number of Tech levels vary on the size of BT dancers and skill ranges. The tech levels this year are 1 - 4.

Note: Rehearsals may be arranged by tech level or company level. There is not always a direct correlation between tech level and company level. Sometimes dancers assigned to the same tech level are not assigned to the same company level.

Some dancers may be asked to dance a combination of tech levels depending on their skill needs and these levels may change as the dance year evolves.

JWSD regular classes are leveled based on the JWSD curriculum:

Tech 1 = JWSD Level 2                Tech 2 = JWSD Level 3

Tech 3 = JWSD Level 4                Tech 4 = JWSD Level 5 & 6

For tech classes, we follow JWSD calendar which can be found on their website: We try to also maintain the Events link in Team App and update the Detailed Schedule (see tab labeled Major Dates) located in Documents section of Team App. There are lots of places to look before sending emails, texts, or chats questions about class/rehearsal schedules. But if there is confusion please do ask!

If JWSD is closed, there are no classes. If there is bad weather, an email notice will be sent out by JWSD. We also post in Team App if time allows.


Rehearsals - happen mostly on Saturdays but are sometimes scheduled on Sundays or during the week. All dancers are expected to be at ALL rehearsals.

BT rehearsals start in September and end in June. Rehearsals are usually held at the JWSD Windsor Studio. Fresh rehearsal lasts approximately 2-4 hours. Other company members rehearse up to 8-10 hours on Saturdays.

A tentative schedule of dates to keep free for rehearsals and performance dates will be provided by the first rehearsal in Sept. This information will be found in Team App under Events or Schedule and on the Detailed Schedule located in Documents.

Specific times that rehearsals start and finish vary from week to week and are set early in the week prior to the next rehearsal. Times will be communicated through Team App on the Detailed Schedule located in Documents.

Rehearsals are closed to parents and are not guaranteed to finish on time. Parents, on occasions, please be prepared to wait for your dancer’s release. Team App is often used to communicate if rehearsals are running particularly longer, or shorter. Parents should not be inside the studio on a Saturday unless it is in a volunteer capacity. Please don’t poke heads in the back door…especially dads because during costume issue days and dress rehearsals dancers may be changing.

On the very rare occasion that rehearsals are cancelled, notification will be sent out via Team App.



Dancers are required to attend tech classes at JWSD. Dancers are expected to attend class the following hours, on average, per week/ month:

Tech 1                 -         5 hours per week/20 tech class hours per month

Tech 2/3                 -         8.25 hours per week/32 tech class hours per month

Tech 4                -         8.50 hours per week/34 tech class hours per month

Availability. If a dancer needs to miss class, the dancer must submit notice via Team App (Availabilities link) using the dancer’s account or parent’s account with dancer’s name. Please take the time now to go through the semester/year and place known conflicts (i.e., STAAR testing, school events) and revisit periodically to keep Availabilities updated.

Submit notifications at least 2 weeks prior to the absence or conflict. If a last minute absence/conflict arises, submit notice as soon as possible. If day of class, a chat notice in Team App, in addition to updating Availabilities, would be helpful. Rehearsal absences submitted less than 2 weeks prior to the absence must be followed up with a text to the director (Ms. Kim 512-797-4983) to ensure she is aware and approves the absence. Last minute notice can result in a dancer’s removal from a particular piece, or even the entire performance depending on the importance of the rehearsal.

The last two weeks of rehearsals prior to any performance or competition is considered mandatory. Any conflicts during this time warrants reaching out to the director for permission to miss. In most cases, a conflict during this time will result in removal from particular pieces or possibly the performance/competition.

Makeups. Dancers are expected to attend makeup classes to maintain their required monthly class average. Dancers who rank in the top half of their assigned tech level should take a tech level up and dancers who are new to their assigned tech level or rank in the bottom half of their assigned level should take a level down. New Freshman often take a JWSD Preparatory/“Sparks” class for make-ups. (Use the crosswalk above in JWSD - Tech Classes for corresponding JWSD Level). If you don’t know where you rank, ask Ms. Kim or any tech instructor for advice.

Attendance Expectations. Dancers are encouraged to take as many hours of technique as their schedule will allow. The required hours are the minimum required. The more hours the dancer takes, the more they will improve. At this time BT has more young dancers than ever before and we are depending on these dancers to rise to the challenge and help us continue to bring quality shows to the community. Ask Ms. Kim which additional classes will be most beneficial.

Dancers who miss excessive amounts of classes run risk of being dropped from dances.

Class attendance expectations are in effect September through May. Summer months are required but average attendance minimums do not apply. Summers are a great time to take extra classes and bank some attendance hours. Many dancers make great progress during this time. Dancers who take extensive time off in the summer will be expected to take extra classes in order to catch up on missed material.


Availability. If a dancer has a planned conflict/absence for all or partial rehearsal, a notice must be submitted via Team App (Availabilities link) using the dancer’s account or parent’s account with dancer’s name. Please include the reason and wording that indicates the hours unavailable or “all day” if not available at all. Please take the time now to go through the semester/year and place known conflicts (i.e., recitals, family events) and revisit periodically to keep Availabilities updated.

Submit notifications at least 2 weeks prior to the absence or conflict. If a last minute absence/conflict arises, submit notice as soon as possible. If day of a rehearsal, a chat notice in Team App or call/text to Ms. Kim, in addition to Availabilities updated, would be helpful.

If a dancer cannot attend their rehearsal time, there is a possibility that they may be cut from a dance and/or a show. This decision will be at the director’s discretion. Dancers who miss crucial or excessive amounts of rehearsals will not perform. Please limit requests for commitments on rehearsal days to those of the utmost importance.

We can’t stress how important it is to limit absences. Submitting a notice for absence from rehearsals does not ensure that an absence will be excused especially if submitted last minute - regardless of the excuse. Last minute notice will likely result in a consequence such as removal from a dance or an entire performance.

Dancers are expected to watch videos on Team App every week and to practice. This goes double for the dancer who misses a rehearsal. If they return to rehearsal the following week unprepared, they risk being cut from that dance.

If a dancer misses an audition due to a scheduled absence, they may be cut from that particular dance. Audition schedule is at the discretion of the choreographer and may or may not be published in advance.

Do not schedule a regular activity on Saturdays. We will not work around your dancer for the entire year. No tutoring, no gymnastics, no acting class etc. Dancers playing a sport may submit games as conflicts, if submitted early enough and feasible, we will work around their schedule.

Important for Tech Classes/Rehearsals: Submit important dates via Availabilities even if they do not appear to conflict with the standard schedule (i.e., Sunday, Holidays, not usual tech night, usually don’t practice that early or that late, ...). Having a dancer’s scheduled conflicts may help with arranging the rehearsal schedule.

The director must be informed of any extracurricular activities in which the dancer is enrolled. Ms. Kim wants to be aware of any activities that may compromise the level of commitment from the dancer. This includes sports, band, orchestra, drill team, cheerleading, girl scouts etc.

Overall, the level of absence tolerated will be at the discretion of the director.


Dancers are allowed a maximum of 3 rehearsal absences each semester. Dancers that miss rehearsals are expected to review videos posted on Team App to learn missed choreography. Remember, 3 is the maximum number of absences and this allowance does not guarantee a dancer a place in a dance or a show. Repercussions of ANY missed rehearsals is completely at the discretion of the director. Just in case it’s not clear, please limit activities on Saturdays.


Dancers must put phones away during rehearsals and tech classes including before and after class and during breaks. They may use electronic devices to text/call parents about dance related events such as changes in pickup times. Dancers are welcome to bring a book or homework (as long as they don’t need a computer or their phone). If your dancer needs to do homework on a class night, have them do it at home and make up the class. Please do not send them to the studio to do their homework.

While you are not using your technological device, please refrain from taking pictures or video within the studio walls. Do not take or post pictures or videos of dancers without the instructor's permission.

Dancers who abuse or ignore the technology policy will be asked to leave phones at home or the instructor may pick up the phone and release only to the parent. Parents are encouraged to limit screen time at home.


This year BT will be performing Pure Imagination (PI), attending/competing in several conventions/competitions in the Fall and Spring, and performing at the JWSD Spring Recital. We may also perform in other community events. Watch Team App for any events scheduled.



Date and Time



Pure Imagination


Spring 2020



JWSD Spring Recital

Late Spring 2020




Ms. Kim must approve any dance performance involving a BT member. Prior approval/permission must be obtained before enrolling in any class, convention, competition, or in any form of dance training. This includes solo, duo, trio or any group work. No dancer may use choreography taught in BT without the director’s permission. This includes local talent show. We are interested in what your dancer is doing with their dance outside the studio.


Tech 1


2 (1 Hour Classes per week)


1 (1.5 Hour Class per week)


1 (1.5 Hour Class per week)

Optional Enrichment: Hip Hop

or Acro-dance

.75 (optional 45 Minute Class per week)

.75 (optional 45 Minute Class per week)

Tech 2


2 (1.5 Hour Classes per week)


1 (1.5 Hour Class per week)


2 (1.5 Hour Class per week)

Enrichment Class

Optional Enrichment:

Acro-dance or Hip-Hop

1 (45 Minute Class per week)

Optional 2nd or 3rd Enrichment

(each 45 Minute Class per week)

Tech 3


2 (1.5 Hour Classes per week)


1 (1.5 Hour Class per week)


2 (1.5 Hour Class per week)

Enrichment Class

Optional Enrichment:

Acro-dance or Hip-Hop

1 (45 Minute Class per week)

Optional 2nd or 3rd Enrichment

(each 45 Minute Class per week)

Tech 4 and Above


2 (1.5 Hour Classes per week)


1 (1.5 Hour Class per week)


2 (1.5 Hour Class per week)

Enrichment Class

Optional Enrichment:

PrePoint, Acro-dance, Hip Hop

1 (60 Minute Class per week)

Optional 2nd,  3rd or 4th Enrichment

(each 30 - 45 Minute Class per week)


Please drop off and pick up dancers at the back of the studio (Blue Door). If your dancer arrives late, please ensure that your dancer is able to enter class before leaving them. This is your responsibility. If class starts in the C room, please take them to the C room. Tech 1 dancers must have a chaperone when walking to and from the C room.

When classes release after dark, please walk up to the back door (especially C) to pick up your dancer. Please drive slowly in and out of the parking lot and remind your dancers not to dash out or run in the parking lot. Let’s keep our dancers safe.









TAP TECH CLASSES (Girls and Boys):

HIP HOP TECH CLASSES (Girls and Boys):



Girls - Pink split sole canvas shoes

Boys - Black split sole canvas shoes


Foot-undies (Freshman get permission before purchasing)

Low-top split sole black jazz shoes. If you don’t own, wait until performances to buy.


Tech 1 & 2 Girls                                 Mary Jane Black tap shoes (non-shiny)

All Boys and Tech 3 Girls                 Oxford style black tap shoes

Tech 4 - Must have a decent shoe that can withstand weight

Oxford Style tap shoes K360’s or Signatures are the best. CGO9s are also good for dancers under 80 pounds. So Danca oxford tap shoes at Movin' Easy, sell for approx. $89 a pair. These fit the narrow foot better than the Signatures. There are other good options available, but make sure to get approval before you purchase. Tech 3 dancers may need Mary Janes for performances.

Recommended Shoes:

Mary Jane Tap Shoe:

Childrens Mary Jane

Adult Mary Jane

Oxford options (under 80 pounds)

Oxford Tap- Capezio

Professional tap shoe options:

Jason Samuel Shoe

Capezio K360

Capezio-classic-tap-k540/discontinued but good

So Danca Professional Tap

Ballet Shoe Recommendation

Split Sole Canvas

Jazz Shoe Recommendation

Split Sole Jazz

Foot Undies


Girls and Boys                                Tennis shoes/combat boots

Dancers may be required to purchase black combat boots, black converse, or other “costume” shoes. Do not purchase until you know your dancer will need for a show. Costume committee will communicate with you what you need to purchase.


Dancers should carry a small kit in dance bag of items they may need such as hair brush, hair ties, Bobby pins, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, band aids, and any over the counter medicine they are allowed to take. We do not share hair brushes brushes! Paper and writing device helpful for jotting down notes.


Make sure to complete uniform order before parent meeting. Dancers will be sized at the meeting. Unless noted, purchased through BT. [Estimated Cost]

All:        BT Cover-Up Jersey (Tentative Required)                                [$36]

   BT Cover Up Shorts (Optional)                                         [$36]

   BT Dance Backpack (Required)                                         [$36]

   BT Warm Up Jacket (Tentative Optional)                                 [$56]

   BT Warm Up Pants (Tentative Optional)                                 [$40]

          BT Travel Duffle Bag (Required)                                         [$38]

Girls:        BT Black Booty Shorts (Required)                                         [$18]

         BT Dance Bra (Required)                                                 [$15]

        Black full length high waist leggings (Required)                        [$30]

        Black Camisole (Required)** example only

Boys:        Black Biker Shorts (Required Base Uniform)**

        Black Tight-Fitting Dry Fit Shirt (Required Base Uniform)**

Dance Belt (Required)**

**Will need to purchase on your own and not through BT.

Girl and boy dancers must provide own black dress socks (knee length). Both cami and leggings should be very fitted. Please make sure there are no visible logos on your dancer provided items.

Dancers must bring their company base uniform to wear under costumes unless told otherwise. Please wear any time a costume fitting is scheduled.

Dancers must wear their warm ups to performances, conventions, or competitions.

*Please label EVERYTHING including shoes (silver permanent marker on soles works well). Our dancers tend to misplace a lot of stuff and when labeled, it allows us to quickly return things. This includes all uniform pieces, bags, shoes, water bottles, lunch bags, makeup, costumes...anything your dancer brings really needs to be labeled!


BT provides most of the BT costumes for performances and competitions. In many cases, the base uniform pieces, mentioned above, are part of a costume. Your dancer may need basic undergarments for shows such as strapless or nude bra and tights. Even young dancers may need a strapless or nude bra to facilitate costume changes or to maintain modesty under stage lighting. Again, girls must provide black cami and black leggings; girls and boys knee length black socks.

Sometimes dancers will provide their own costume. This usually happens when we are going for a particular “look” but do not want everyone dressed the same. It is a chance for your dancer to be creative. We try to give as much direction as possible and parents are always welcome to consult with a costume committee person for further clarification. If you do buy something for your dancer for a “dancer provides” number, remember to keep all tags and receipts until after the item receives approval at dress rehearsal. When the dancer is asked to bring something, please comply without excuse. Your dancer’s costume is ultimately your responsibility, please don’t complain about the volunteers who costume 90% of your dancer’s costume when they request that you provide something.

Most of the time, shoes, socks, and undergarments are the responsibility of the parent to provide. When a unified looks is needed, BT may purchase and charge dancers’ accounts (for example, specific tights) but then that/those item(s) are yours to keep and are not expected to be returned to the costume closet.

Please note: last minute changes from time to time are necessary. BT expects parents to purchase, make alterations, and launder costumes. This includes putting clear elastic in head pieces.

On days that costumes are issued, dancer must bring a laundry basket to collect their costume pieces. They must also bring their base uniforms as they will be trying on costumes and often times their base uniform is part of their costume.

On dress run days, dancers must bring two laundry baskets along with all their costumes pieces including base uniforms.

This will be repeated over and over - please label everything. Blue painters tape works well on costumes issued to you.


Yearly BT Registration Fee                                                  $25

Yearly Buy into Costume Closet Fee (Returning Member)        $25

Yearly Buy into Costume Closet Fee (New Member)                 $50

BT Uniform Fees  (BT Registration 2019-20)                        Above section estimate

Plus all outstanding JWSD tuition balances          

*Due on or before registration

Each family is encouraged to create their own JWSD customer account using the following link by going to Customer Portal login link on our website under the Parent Information and Customer login link. The Portal is a great way for you to submit payments and manage your account. Dancer must have a credit card on file for their account. Accounts are automatically charged on the 1st of each month. If you wish to pay fees by a check payment must be received before the 1st of the month to avoid your credit card on file being charged. Make checks payable to JWSD and place in finance folder at Windsor. Do not pay at Research or hand to your teacher.


JWSD Fees (Technique tuition)         paid monthly year round         

BT Fees                                         paid monthly September – June

TUITION FEES - required min amounts; doesn’t include any extra classes



Monthly JWSD Class Tuition

 Monthly BT Company Fee

Total Monthly Cost (JWSD & BT)

(Jul - Jun)

(Jul - Aug)


(Jul - Aug)

(Sept - Jun)

Tech 1






Tech 2 & 3






Tech 4






*Note: Prices/Discounts listed are for 2018-2019 dance year and subject to change. Unlimited classes once a dancer reaches the $205 tuition level. Please see JWSD website for multiple dancer discounts etc.


Costume Fee per semester                 $25        November 1st and February 1st

Show AD fees for PI                          $25         Due March 1st IF you do not sell an AD for PI

Monthly Opt Out Volunteer Fee         $40        Due IF volunteering is not for you


All families must volunteer in some capacity each semester. There are many different opportunities to volunteer. This year volunteer will be “voluntold”. Dressing has been a problem so we will be rotating the responsibility of dressing.

Once everyone is assigned to a group, chairpersons will coordinate with their group and assign tasks. We expect two parent households will have two volunteers to contribute. We have many tasks for dads as well as moms.

If you decide not to volunteer, an additional “opt out” tuition of $40 per month (Sept - Jun) will be applied to your account. If a family does not meet their obligation, the dancer’s account will be charged the full fee at the end of the year. ($400)

Committees include:


With long rehearsal days, eating at the studio is necessary. Please bring healthy food items and keep in mind that water is the only drink allowed at the studio.

We are a NUT FREE studio, some dancers have severe nut allergies, do not bring food containing nuts of any kind. Please do not send dancers with money for food. Family Dollar has no digestible food. Please no Ramen or other crappy processed food.

Nutrition Advice

  1. Avoid high fructose corn syrup which is in all processed foods especially soda.
  2. Eat organic. Especially meat.
  3. Avoid plastic especially water bottles.
  4. Avoid the microwave.
  5. Avoid sugar and limit fruit.
  6. Increase healthy fats
  7. Limit gluten and dairy
  8. Avoid genetic modified organisms (GMO)
  9. Consider natural deodorant-no antiperspirant.
  10. Please don't give your children the Gardisil vaccine without researching


Dancers must purchase a makeup kit to ensure that all the dancers have a uniform look. All dancers need their own makeup. Sharing makeup is not an option. Kit information will be provided at registration. Kits can only be ordered at registration. Individual items may be ordered throughout the year. 

KIT 1 $55.00 (includes tax)-Starter kit for first year dancers

Includes a makeup bag with custom color foundation, lipstick, black liquid eyeliner pen, color, applicators, samples of cheek color and eye shadows, and two trial size mascaras.

KIT 2 $55.00 (includes tax)-Kit for returning dancers or purchase individual items

Includes full-sized eye shadows (2 shades), additional applicators, full-sized waterproof mascara, full size cheek color, and a travel-sized eye makeup remover.

INDIVIDUAL ITEMS BT discounted rates with tax included are as follows:

Eye Shadow                 $12.00

Waterproof Mascara        $15.00

Cheek Color                 $10.00

Liquid Eyeliner Pen         $15.00

Lipstick                         $10.00

Foundation                         $16.00

Translucent Powder         $15.00

For questions or more information email Kristy Willett



Although BT does not require convention participation it is expected, as the training is a crucial step in training your dancer. All eligible dancers are expected to participate.

Since we will NOT have a spring show this year, please make an effort to provide this opportunity for your dancer.

Dancers who can commit to attending the scheduled conventions this year will be considered for competition pieces designed especially for these conventions. These pieces may be used at other times throughout the year.

Dancers must make a commitment to participate in order to be considered for the special numbers.

Other important documents related (in Team App)

“Competitions: Solo Duo Trio Form”

“Conventions/Competitions: Code of Behavior”

“Conventions/Competitions: Information Packet”

“Conventions/Competitions: Payment Plan”

“Conventions/Competitions: Schedule”

Conventions/Competitions This Season

See “Conventions/Competitions: Schedule” Document in Team App for details.

(Note: We are still determining number of competition/competitions we will participate in and which ones at this time. What is provided here is tentative and based on what we the 2018-2019 season.)

Competitions - We will attend one competition as a group probably in the spring 2020. All Company members are required to attend.

Conventions - We will attend one convention in the fall 2019 and two conventions in the spring of 2020. All Company members are encouraged to attend.

Additionally, dancers 11 years and older are highly encouraged (just shy of required) to attend TATD at the end of June. 10 year olds may attend at Ms. Kim’s discretion. is highly recommend that all company members attend Summer Intensive (“Kim’s Camp”) each summer at the studio. We will begin material for the PI show as well as work technique. Summer 2019 Date are August 12th - 14th.

Convention Costs [Estimates]
The weekend conventions cost about $250 (in town as not chaperoned and no travel costs) or $415 (out of town chaperoned and therefore travel costs) each and the summer convention about $700. Summer Intensive to costs $200.

These figures are estimates and the travel chairperson will determine the actual cost before any payments are due. This fee covers all expenses including tuition, food, and transportation. Competition fees at a convention are extra and will vary depending on the number of dances. *There is no competition component at TATD; only showcase. Even though a dancer may meet minimum age requirements, Ms. Kim has discretion on sending any dancer.  

Convention/Competition Notes

NO dancer may register for a convention or competition with an outstanding JWSD/BT balance. If there is a balance on a dancer’s account, all money turned in for a convention and/or competition will go toward the balance.

When a convention is out of town, dancers will attend with a chaperone (parent and/or teacher). Dancers that are too young to attend without parents are too young to go. If you chaperone, you will not have your dancer in your room.

Dancers that are interested in working on solo/duo/trios are expected to attend all conventions. A solo duo trio approval form must be submitted and signed by Ms. Kim and the choreographer. Forms will be posted on Team App. Ms. Kim will ultimately decide what dancers will work best together for duo trios and it is recommended to start working on any solo, duo or trio during the summer. All dancers are encouraged to take a 30 minute private lesson weekly, regardless if they are ready to perform a solo. Private lessons are about $25 per half hour. You can reach out to Ms. Kim for suggestions on private instructor.


Ms. Kim                 (512) 797-4983

Ms. Kallie                (512) 203-2256 

Ms. Kristy                 (512) 335-0013 

Windsor Studio         (512) 335-0013

Research Studio         (512) 335-0013

Ms. Nikki, Communications Chair        (512) 751-3557 or

Please if you have any questions, please send them our way. We know it can be a bit overwhelming as you step into this world and we sometimes forget what it is like to be new. You’re questions help us communicate better. In return though, we ask that you try and read and look for your answers here or in Team App as well.


Research Studio/Location: 12687 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78759

Windsor Studio/Location: 5811 Berkman Dr, Austin, TX 78723