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Rebeccas Tent Volunteer Instructions
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Thank you for volunteering with Rebecca’s Tent! We are so grateful to have so much community support for the shelter, and we are proud of the impact you help us make!

All our volunteer needs and opportunities are listed with detailed descriptions at

From there you can access the sign-up page for any of our volunteer opportunities. Due to covid-19 limitations, some of the below volunteer opportunities are not possible this year, but please keep them in mind for future years. Two of the below opportunities will be done virtually rather than in person. If you are interested in something specific, here’s a list, with links to a sign-up page:

Creating an account

You will need to have an account set up with our volunteer portal. If you have created an account since Fall 2019, it should still be active. If you forgot the userID or password, email Morris Cohen ( who can help.

To create an account, just go to After you’ve created your account and logged in, come back to this page ( and click on one of the links above to access volunteer opportunities.

The information in your account is for us to send reminders or notify you of changes. It won’t be shared. If you already have an account, you’ll need to sign in, using the “login” link at the top left of any page on the portal, or by clicking here.  It is easiest to sign in or create an account before you search for opportunities. But you can view what’s available without an account.

For the opportunities that are connected to a specific date and time

When you click on the link in the above list, you will see the catalog of available dates in chronological order. You can scroll to the day you want and just hit the “Sign Up” button. Remember, you need to be logged in to sign up.

There is also a calendar view, though it is a little slow, so I recommend the “catalog” view described above. But if you want to view this as a calendar, click on the volunteer opportunity in the above list, then click on the “View in Calendar” button to the left in the page you get directed to. Then scroll to the date you want to claim, then click on the calendar entry. Below will appear the description, and you can click on the red “Sign Up” button. Calendar entries vanish as they are claimed.

If you’re signing up for several dates, the easiest thing to do is to return to this page after signing up for the first date, and click again on the link in the above list, which opens up the sign ups in a new tab of your browser. Sorry, I know that’s a little unwieldy.

For the opportunities that have flexible dates

You will see a detailed description of what is needed. Contact the person named, set a date/time, and we’ll sign you up.

Thank you again for volunteering. If you need help with the sign up process, please contact Morris Cohen, Rebecca’s Tent board member and designated “Tech Guy”, at If you have questions about specific volunteer opportunities, contact the person listed at the sign-up page.