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Resources to Share with VV Families
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Greetings, Valley View Community,

We know you are being inundated with news of the novel coronavirus. Fear, uncertainty, and anxiety are bound to be heightened during this time and we want to offer a few tips as we weather this situation as a community, followed by a list of links to resources if you want more information on how to talk to your kids and ways to engage them.

The following are general tips for addressing feelings of fear or anxiety with your children.

Model Calmness

Children are perceptive and sensitive. Send a clear message through your body language that there is no need to panic or worry.

Maintain Normalcy

Try to keep structure and routines as much as possible.

Actively Listen

Ask questions. Be non-judgmental. Show an interest in your child's thoughts and feelings.

Validate Feelings

Acknowledge your child's feelings; don't dismiss them.  However, avoid excessively reassuring your child as well.

Just Be

Encourage your child to practice sitting with and experiencing anxiety, rather than doing something to relieve it or distract from it. Normalize the feeling of anxiety. These feelings are a wave that they can ride.

Practice Relaxation

Feel calmer and practice being in the present moment.

These are amazing apps for mindfulness and meditation: Calm and Headspace.

We are all adjusting to these challenges and disruptions to our lives. We hope these tools empower you. Please take a moment to purposefully take time to check in with your child and their level of fear or anxiety.


-Paula Perry, School Counselor

Below are some resources you might find helpful as well:

What is COVID-19 and how to talk to kids:

Free book: Explaining Covid-19

SAMSHA:  Talking tips for parents and teachers during an infectious disease outbreak

NASP: Talking to children about Covid-19

What is Covid-19

PBS for Parents - How to de-stress during Coronavirus:

Navigating Anxiety in Uncertain Times

SAMSHA: Coping with stress during an infectious disease outbreak

Stress Relief skill building and ideas for Self Care

Activities to help with time at home:

My kid’s school is closed, so now what?

Slumberkins Resource Guide:

Fun Card Games

Watch the Opera

Virtual Museum Tours

Watch Seattle Symphony

Science Resources

Art Lessons

Scholastic Learn at Home

Drawing Tutorials for Kids

Podcast: Reading Bug Adventures

Podcast: The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

CIncinnati Zoo: Daily Animal Activity

Kids Yoga

Roaring Readers!

Roaring Readers has been extended at this time.  Take this time to get your 600 minutes in for a Roaring Springs Pass!

NASA Videos

Khan Academy Math

PBS Kids!

Other Resources:

Food pantries and local resources - just plug in your address and the closest food pantries will be located for you

Self-Rescue Manual - The Self-Rescue Manual contains local resources, counseling supports and much more.