How-To Activate Voice Commands - ISB3.0


This guide will FIRST walk you through installing the Google App onto your ISB3.0 from an internet browser on your computer or laptop, and SECOND configuring the Google App to activate voice commands all over your ISB3.0.

First jump on your personal computer of choice, mine being my desktop PC in my office I use for general purpose computing. In fact I am writing this document using that PC now. Anywho, once you have your favorite internet browser open, mine is Google Chrome, goto the following Web address(URL) - and search the word Google as shown below…

Now,click on the Google App and then click INSTALL. In my case you can see from the screenshot,  I have used this method before on multiple boxes and thus my button says INSTALLED. Regardless of what version of the work INSTALL yours says, click it!

Now you will be prompted to sign into your Google account. IMPORTANT: Sign into the SAME Google account that you are signed in on our ISB3.0 Google Play store. This will ensure that your device shows up in the list of devices to install to.

Once you have signed into the same Google account on both internet browser and ISB3.0, you will be able to see ALL devices available to install Google apps on that are connected via the SAME Google account. You can see by the screenshot below, I have chosen ‘No Carrier Infinity ADT-1’ which is the ISB3.0. NOTE: there is no way to identify the difference if there are multiple ISB3.0 listed in the drop down.


After clicking INSTALL. Let’s go take a look at what is happening on the ISB3.0…

In the screenshot below, you can see that I have scrolled to the far right of the Apps listed on the ISB3.0 Home screen and see that the Google App is downloading and installing as a result of the steps we took above on our computer!!!

Keep Going, you’re doing great!!!


Once you see that the installation is complete, you now go into Sideload Launcher from the Apps section on the ISB3.0 Home screen as shown below to launch the Google App.


Once you have launched the Google App for the first time, you will see the screen as shown below...


You may want to get the mouse cursor going on the screen at this point and click ‘GET STARTED’ . Once you do, you will see the Google App main screen populate. Notice in the screenshot I am now using the mouse on my remote that comes with my ISB3.0. I use this to click on the upper left corner where the 3 lines  are that will bring up a menu… Check it out below…

After clicking the 3 lines menu button, you will click settings…

        Now you’re looking for ‘VOICE’. Click on that :-)

        Once you click on VOICE, you will be immediately prompted to ALLOW Google to record audio? Click ALLOW because if you don’t, you can’t activate VOICE COMMANDS!

        Once you click ALLOW, hit the back button on your remote to get back to the Google App main screen as show below… Notice that the right side of the Google search box has a little microphone icon with the word ‘Say “OK Google”. GO ahead, what are you waiting for, say it followed by a question. You will see in the screenshots to come that I asked Google to Open the Google Play Store, AND IT DID!

        Now I hit UP to the SEARCH icon in the Google Play Store and click on that… Guess what??? I can now search inside the Google Play store. You will see below I searched ‘Game of Thrones” ….

BOOM! VOICE Search and Commands have now been enabled all over your ISB3.0!