All students at Pentucket Regional Middle School take seven classes each day, and their schedules comprise both required and elective courses.   All electives are half-year courses unless otherwise specified.  Students may not retake electives, with the exception of music performance ensembles.

Grade 7

Required Courses:

•        Grade 7 English or Grade 7 Accelerated English
•        Geography
•        Grade 7 Math or Grade 7 Accelerated Math (Pre-algebra)
•        Grade 7 Integrated Science

•        Math and Communications Lab (half-year only)
•        Wellness (half-year only)

Grade 8

Required Courses:

•        Grade 8 English or Grade 8 Accelerated English
•        History
•        Grade 8 Math or Grade 8 Accelerated Math (Algebra)
•        Grade 8 Science or Grade 8 Accelerated Science
•        Wellness (half-year only)

Course Designations

In keeping with Pentucket Regional School District’s initiative to provide students with a wide breadth of educational opportunities, the middle school offers students a variety of options, including accelerated courses and courses that are eligible for high school credit and/or Innovation Academy credit.  Each of these designations is explained below.

Accelerated Core Courses

We offer accelerated options in English language arts (ELA), mathematics, and science courses.  Accelerated courses delve more deeply into the curriculum than grade-level classes.  Students opting to take these courses should be extremely self-motivated, able to work independently, and capable of balancing extracurricular activities with the rigorous demands of these fast-paced courses.  

Before deciding whether a particular accelerated course is an appropriate choice for your child, it is strongly recommended that you have a discussion with his or her current teacher in that subject area.

We understand that children mature at different rates; therefore, Pentucket’s curriculum is designed to allow students to access accelerated/honors courses when they are ready, whether in middle or high school.  As a result, opting to take grade-level courses in middle school will not limit a student’s high school options.

Further information and comparisons between grade-level and accelerated classes are included in the course description section of this booklet.  

Courses for High School Credit

We offer some courses at the middle school that are, in fact, high-school-level courses for which students can earn high school credit.  These courses typically require a high degree of self-motivation, critical thinking skills, advanced reading and writing abilities, and an interest in the subject matter.  Many of these courses require the completion of daily homework assignments.  Before selecting one of these courses, parents and students should consider carefully whether the student is ready for the accompanying challenges and expectations.
Courses for high school credit are designated with “HS” in this catalog.

Innovation Academy Courses

Some of our middle school electives are introductory Innovation Academy courses.  These courses afford students the opportunity to explore one or more of Pentucket’s Innovation Academies.  Upon successful completion of a course, students will receive credit toward a certificate in one of the following Innovation Academies:

•        Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship
•        Movement Science and Athletics
•        Music Conservatory
•        STEM
•        Visual Arts

There are two types of Innovation Academy courses:  those that offer only Innovation Academy credit and those that offer both Innovation Academy and high school credit.  Courses that are designated as offering both Innovation Academy and high school credit are more rigorous than grade-level middle school electives, and students should consider this carefully before electing these courses.

Courses for Innovation Academy credit are designated with “IA” in this catalog.


PRMS places a priority on student choice, and middle school presents a wonderful opportunity for students to be exposed to courses in a variety of subject areas.  Students’ final schedules will include several electives and will incorporate as many of their preferred choices as possible.