Thank you to all our volunteers!

We greatly appreciate how many people share their superpowers to make this event more enjoyable for everyone.


Co-Chairs:        Jolie E. & Lynne M-L.

Gifted Youth lead:        Hector R.

Webmaster:         Abe H.

Pre-Event Registrar:         Jolie E.

On-Site Registrar:         Jon R.

Registration desk staffers:        Jennie G., Jay M., Michele M., Steve R., Bruce E., Wendi C.

Goodie bag assemblers:

Paper Games:         Freya H.

Storage to venue transport:        Jan F., Joy G.

Friday general set-up:        Jan F., Bryan L., Eunice L., DD I., Clark & Patricia C., Steve R.

Hospitality assistants:        Jan F., Freya H., Bryan L., Mike S., Dave C., Eunice L., Steve R., Bruce E., Wendi C., Virginia & Phil P.

Peachtreat Punch recipe:         Freya H.

Beer & wine curator:        Mary W., Dave M.

Cow Tipping:         Lynne M-L. & Jolie E.

Cooler set-up:        Jan F., DD I., Steve R.

Ice (Friday):

Game Room lead:         Jolie E.

Friday dinner lead:

Friday chocolate orgy lead:

Chocolate donors:        Jan F., Jennie G.

Cookie donors:        Virginia & Phil P.

Soup donors:        Virginia & Phil P.


Speaker escorts:

Saturday lunch lead:         Linda S.

Ice (Saturday):

Cooler nannies:        Jan F., Mike S., DD I., Steve R., Bruce E., Wendi C.

Snack nannies:        Jan F., Eunice L., Steve R.

Beer tasting lead:

Wine tasting lead:        Dave M., assisting

Tea Dueling leads:         Lynne M-L. & Jolie E.

Saturday dinner lead:

Saturday night trivia:        Bruce H.

Sunday toast to friends:

Cooler clean-up:        Jan F., Steve R.

Recycling:        Freya H., Mike S., Holly H.

Venue to storage transport:        Jan F.

Sunday general clean up:        Jan F., Freya H., Holly H., Steve R., Dave M.

Leftovers to Halloween Party:        Jan F.

Mediator:        Dave M.