Department Evaluator Contact Information

Note: If you drop material off directly at the department, please allow evaluators time to review your material and contact Transfer Credit Services with their evaluation. Evaluators will not be able to meet with students requesting evaluations/re-evaluations on a walk-in basis.

For directions on how to submit a transfer course for evaluation, please see Transfer Evaluation Process.





African American Studies

Marshal Washington

Agriculture and Resource Economics

Lars Olsen

Agricultural Sciences, General

301-405-1198 (p) 301-314-2763 (f)

Tina Scites

1428 Animal Science/Agriculture Engineering Bldg.

American Studies (All AMST evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-1361 (p) 301-314-9059 (f)

Dr. Mary Corbin Sies

1328F Tawes Hall

Animal and Avian Sciences

301-405-1373 (p) 301-314-9453 (f)

Libby Dufour

1415 Animal Sciences/Agriculture Engineering Bldg.


301-405-1436 (p) or 301-405-1423 (p) 301-314-8305 (f)

Erik Hanson or
Dr. Stephen Brighton

1111 Woods Hall

Arabic Studies (All ARAB evaluations require a syllabus)

Omar Tarabishi

Architecture (All ARCH evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-6291 (p) 301-314-9583 (f)

Madlen Simon

1252 Architecture Building

Art - Studio

301-405-1446 (p) 301-314-9740 (f)

Chip Richardson

1211 Art/Sociology Building

Art History and Archeology (All ARTH evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-1479 (p)

301-314-9652 (f)

Abigail Upshaw

4202 Art/Sociology Building

Asian American Studies

301-405-0879 (p) 301-314-6575 (f)

Dr. Julie Park

Asian and East European Language/Cultures

301-405-4265 (p)

Robert Ramsey

2106G Jimenez Hall

Astronomy (All ASTR evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-5099 (p) 301-314-9067 (f)

Melissa Hayes-Gehrke

1245 Computer & Space Sciences Building

Atmospheric & Oceanic Science

301-405-7638 (p) 301-314-9482 (f)

Dr. Timothy Canty

2103A Jull Hall

Behavioral and Community Health

Matt Wootten

Biological Sciences (All BSCI evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-7678 (p) 301-314-9949 (f)

Francisca Saavedra

1322 Symons Hall

Biometrics (All BIOM evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-1373 (p) 301-314-9059 (f)

Libby Dufour

1415 Animal Sciences/Agriculture Engineering Bldg.

Business and Management (Includes Finance, Management, Accounting, Marketing, Decision Information Science, Human Resources, and Logistics)

301-405-2286 (p) 301-314-1990 (f)

Brian Horick

1570 Van Munching Hall

Chemistry and Biochemistry

301-405-1791 (p) 301-314-9121 (f)

Dr. Michael Montague-Smith

1206 Chemistry Building

Chinese (All CHIN evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-4541 (p)

Dr. Guiling Hu

4223 Jimenez Hall

Classics (Includes Greek & Latin Language or Literature)

301-405-2022 (p) 301-314-9084 (f)

Dr. Lillian Doherty

1210 Marie Mount Hall

Communication (All COMM evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-6529 (p) 301-314-9471 (f)

Dr. Leah Waks

2101 Skinner Building

Computer Science (All CMSC evaluations require a syllabus)

1109 AV Williams Building

Criminology and Criminal Justice

301-405-4725 (p) 301-405-4733 (f)

Dr. Laure Brooks

2133 LeFrak Hall


301-405-6694 (p) 301-314-9599 (f)

Susan Miller

2808 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center


301-405-7845 (p) 301-405-3542 (f)

Shanna Edinger May

3108 Tydings Hall


301-405-2364 (p) 301-314-9055 (f)

Jessica Chew

1204 Benjamin Building

Engineering - Aerospace (All ENGR evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-1928 (p)

Dr. Robert Sanner

Engineering Sciences UMD Keystone Courses: (All ENGR evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-3845 (p)

2108 JM Patterson Building

Engineering - Bioengineering (All ENGR evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-5407 (p) 301- 405-9953 (f)

2230A Kim Engineering Building

Engineering - Chemical (All ENGR evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-1935 (p) 301-405-0523 (f)

Kathy Gardinier

1109 Chemical & Nuclear Engineering Building

Engineering - Civil and Environmental (All ENGR evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-1977 (p) 301-314-9867 (f)

Al Santos

1173 Martin Hall

Engineering - Electrical and Computer (All ENGR evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-8260 (p) 301-314-9281 (f)

2431 AV Williams Building

Engineering - Fire Protection (All ENGR evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-3994 (p) 304-405-9383 (f)

Peter Sunderland 

3106 JM Patterson Building

Engineering - Materials Science (All ENGR evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-5221 (p) 301-314-2029 (f)

Dr. Isabel Lloyd

2309 Chemical & Nuclear Engineering Building (Students should make an appointment and bring course description, syllabus, and textbook [if you have it] when they come for a course evaluation)

Engineering - Mechanical (All ENGR evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-2410 (p) 301-314-9477 (f)

Terry Island

2186 Martin Hall

English - Academic Writing (i.e FSAW, ENGL 101)

301-405-3771 (p)

Scott Eklund or

English - Professional Writing (i.e. FSPW) (All ENGL evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-3764 (p)

Grace Crussiah

1220C Tawes Hall

English - Literature Studies (All ENGL evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-3771 (p)

Karen Lewis

1116 Tawes Hall

Environmental Science and Policy

301-405-3825 (p) 301-314-7539 (f)

Dr. Mark Carroll

0220 Symons Hall

Environmental Science and Technology

Shannon Pederson Browne

0220 Symons Hall

Family Science (All FMSC evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-1193 (p) 301-314-9023 (f)

Dr. Elaine Anderson

1142 School of Public Health

Film (All FILM evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-4329 (p)

Marianne Conroy

4123 Jimenez Hall

French (All FREN evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-4032 (p)

Dr. Erica Cefalo

3106 Jimenez Hall


301-405-4073 (p) 301-314-9299 (f)

Dr. Ronald Luna

2108 LeFrak Hall


301-405-2808 (p) 301-314-9661 (f)

Dr. John Merck

1218 Centreville Hall

German (Domestic Institutions) (All GERM evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-4106 (p)

Dr. Julie Koser

3210 Jimenez Hall

German (International Institutions) (All GERM evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-4091 (p)

Regina Ianozi

4106 Jimenez Hall

Government and Politics (All GVPT evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-4142 (p) 301-314-9690 (f)

3140 Tydings Hall

Hearing and Speech Science

301-405-4219 (p) 301-314-2023 (f)

Kate Skinker

0131 LeFrak Hall

Hebrew Language (Biblical) (All HEBR evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-8216 (p) 301-314-8232 (f)

4136 Susquehanna Hall

Hebrew Language (Modern) (All HEBR evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-8216 (p) 301-314-8232 (f)

4136 Susquehanna Hall

History (All HIST evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-4265 (p) 301-314-9399 (f)

2115 Francis Scott Key

Information Science (All INFO evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-2038 (p)

Vedat Diker

0217 Hornbake Building

Institute of Applied Agriculture

301-405-4685 (p)

Glori Hyman

2123 Jull Hall

Italian (All ITAL evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-4031 (p)

Dr. Joseph Falvo

3103 Jimenez Hall

Japanese (All JAPN evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-3745 (p) or 301-405-0495 (p)

Japanese Language Courses Makiko Inoue Japanese Culture Courses Michelle Mason

4128 Jimenez Hall or 4224 Jimenez Hall

Jewish Studies (All JWST evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-8216 (p) 301-314-8232 (f)

4136 Susquehanna Hall

Journalism (All JOUR evaluations require a syllabus. JOUR credit will only be given from accredited Schools of Journalism)

301-405-8814 (p) 301-314-9166 (f)

Josh Madden

1100 Knight Hall

Kinesiology (All KNES evaluations, except for activity courses require a syllabus)

TBD - send to TCS for processing

Korean (All KORA evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-4256 (p)

Robert Ramsey

2106G Jimenez Hall

Latin American Studies

TBD - send to TCS for processing

Latina/o Studies

301-405-1357 (p)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Studies (All LGBT evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-6827 (p) 301-314-9190 (f) 

2101 Woods Hall


301-405-8376 (p) 301-405-7104 (f)

William Idsardi

3416 Marie Mount Hall

Mathematics (All MATH evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-5053 (p) 301-314-0827 (f)

1117 Math Building


301-405-5563 (p) 301-314-9504 (f)

Heather Mundwiler

2110 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Natural Resource Management

301-405-1198 (p)

Patrick Kangas

1455 Animal Sciences/Agriculture Engineering Building

Nutrition (Includes Dietetics, Food, and Nutrition Science) (All MFSC evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-1018 (p) 301-314-3313 (f)

Dr. Margaret Udahogora

0112 Skinner Building

Persian Studies (All PERS evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-3315 (p) 301-314-9752 (f)

Ali Abasi

1220 Jimenez Hall


301-405-5689 (p) 301-405-5690 (f)

1128 Skinner Building

Physics and Physical Science

301-405-5979 (p) 301-405-4061 (f)

Tom Gleason

1120 Physics Building

Plant Science & Landscape Architecture

301-405-4359 (p) 301-314-9308 (f)

Diana Cortez

2139 Plant Science Building

Portuguese (All PORT evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-6457 (p)

Regina Igel

2211 Jimenez Hall


301-405-5866 (p) 301-314-9566 (f)

1107 Biology-Psychology Building

Public Policy

301-405-4765 (p)

Jennifer Littlefield

1108 Taliaferro Hall

Public Health Science (All SPHL evaluations require a syllabus)

Dr. Stephen Roth or
Dr. Colleen Farmer

School of Public Health Building

Religious Studies (All RELS evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-4980 (p) 301-405-8232 (f)

Maxine Grossman

0142 Holzapfel Hall

Russian (All RUSS evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-4244 (p) 301-314-9752 (f)

Dr. Cindy Martin

2106 Jimenez Hall


301-405-6392 (p) 301-314-6892 (f)

Nicole Cousin-Gossett

2108 Art/Sociology Building

Spanish (All SPAN evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-6556 (p) 301-314-9752 (f)

Chris Lewis

4102 Jimenez Hall

Terrorism & Response to Terrorism

301-405-6600 (p)

3300 Symons Hall


301-405-6694 (p) 301-314-9599 (f)

Susan Miller

2808 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Urban Studies

301-405-6291 (p) 301-314-9583 (f)

Michael Brick

1252 Architecture Building

Women's Studies (All WMST evaluations require a syllabus)

301-405-6827 (p) 301-314-9190 (f) 

2101 Woods Hall