Jane Murphy, Principal • Jacquelin Colón-Coffil, Assistant Principal • Monika Vargas, Parent Coordinator

Monday, September 16, 2019

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Pick up time is at 2:40 each day.  Please do not go to classrooms to pick your child up until that time.  We are trying to establish end of the day routines for the children, which will support independence and ensure timely departures at dismissal time for the rest of the year.  Early pick-ups disrupt this process.

Please do not go to classrooms before 2:40pm.

With Sincere Thanks for Your Support,

The Kindergarten Team

September 16, 2019

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Thank you so much for your support in getting the Kindergarteners settled in their new classrooms.  We are off to a great start.  The next step in fostering independence in school is allowing students to travel up to their classrooms with teachers in the morning.

Beginning Monday, September 23, Kindergarten teachers will come to the cafeteria to pick up their classes at the start of the day.  This routine is familiar to children from our lunch time procedures.  Parents and guardians may travel with the class to the room for this first week of transition.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to allow children to follow the morning routines with their teacher and make every effort to allow their child to engage independently in the classroom.  Children who arrive after the school start time should be brought to the office for a late pass.  Beginning Monday, October 7th we ask that parents and guardians allow children to go upstairs with their teacher.  From that day forward we ask that parents refrain from going to the classroom with the children.  

Beginning Monday, September 23rd, Kindergarten students will be brought to the yard at 2:40 for dismissal.  Parents and guardians will pick-up students from their designated spot in the small gated yard.  From that day forward, parents and guardians should not go to classrooms to pick up students at the end of the day.  

Beginning Monday, October 7th, students will travel upstairs in the morning with their classes without parents or guardians.  From that day forward, we ask that parents refrain from going to classrooms without a pass from the main office at any point in the day.  

Beginning Monday, November 4th we will ask all family members to leave the cafeteria by 8am to help avoid overcrowding in the hallway.  At this time, students arriving after 8am will be escorted to the cafeteria by staff.  Parents will be asked to refrain from going to the cafeteria after that time.  

Thank you for your help and cooperation to establish safe and orderly procedures in school and for fostering independence in your child.


Jane Murphy


Kindergarten Timeline

Friday, September 20:  Final day for parent escorts to walk Kindergarten students to the classroom for arrival and dismissal

Monday, September 23:  Kindergarten teachers pick up students from the cafeteria in the morning.  Parents and guardians may follow the line to class.  

Monday, September 23: Kindergarten teachers bring students to the designated spots for dismissal.  Parents and guardians wait at the designated spot for dismissal- please do not go to classrooms from this time forward.

Monday, October 7:  Kindergarteners travel with teachers to classrooms without parent support.

From Thursday, September 5th through Friday, November 1st  Parents and Guardians are welcome to walk students to the cafeteria.

Beginning Monday, November 4th we ask that parents and guardians allow all children to travel down the hallway with the assistance of school staff and volunteers.  From that day forward, students develop and practice independence in the cafeteria with the support of school staff.  Parents are asked not to join students in the cafeteria in the morning.  

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