Template for ideas

Article Development


Read websites, articles, fanzones, Daily Mail (!) celebrity gossip, features, newspapers, tweets, social media links.

Key topics for discussion?

What is currently trending, in the news? Ideas to include?

- Jordan is looking east for his next adventure,

- Looks for inspiration in new music for his next album, which Chlo.g may feature in,

- Potential love interest,

- Current arguments between stars.

Key Terms/Language?

What phrases/slang/genre specific terms might you use to attract your target audience?

- Eclectic

- Glamourous

- Stars

- Progressive pop

- Teen pop

- Generic

Key Questions?

Remember to ask ‘open questions’, although closed ones can serve a purpose too.

- Remember to ask open questions so they can’t answer with yes or no as it would be a very boring interview,

- Possible question:

  • What has inspired you to create this new album?
  • What did you say to Jordy for you guys to collaborate together?
  • Any people that you’ve recently met who have helped you to write this new form of music?
  • Who has helped and supported you throughout this process?
  • Are there any current love interests for either of you?
  • How’s working together been? and do you think you’ll work together in the future?

Uses and Pleasures? (Blumler and Katz)

Will your audience be satisfied?  Personal Identity, Social Interaction, Entertainment, Education?

- Personal Identity:

Talking about the new album

- Social Interaction:

New projects and their album release dates, possible tour dates?

- Entertainment & Education:

Behind the scenes info of when they were in the studio


Check your @ word count availability first.


Introduce the issue - sum up, precis what the reader is likely to learn from the article.

Headline and Standfirst.

- Interview

- ‘Shooting Stars Collide’

- who would have thought that Jordy and Chlo.G (ex x-factor finalist) would find common ground by collaborating in a new album adventure, which they claim is an eclectic mix of pop and indie rock.

Background - Context

The article is likely to outline a brief past history of the person or event which the article concerns, so that readers are fully aware of the necessary facts and reason why the article has been written and what has led to the current state of affairs.

Paragraph 1.

- After the X-Factor Chlo.G has been working on lots of new music with plenty of alternative artists, such as Bilazzle (R&B artist) and GG.Kez (Indie artist).

- Jordy has been searching for inspiration all over the globe, he’s travelled to China, India, Germany and was lost for ideas, until Chlo.G was spotted with Jordy walking into the recording studio together.

- We sat with the major celebrities to find out the ins and outs of this new album, which is soon to be released.

Discussion, Q and A or interview.

The article is likely to return to the present-day situation at this point, discussing and giving different viewpoints of the person or event, with details and examples and quotations, and making comparisons with the past or with similar topics. Though the writer’s own viewpoint maybe inferred, alternative views must be given equal weight and other voices heard.  

Paragraph 2 and 3.

Who approached who for you guys to end up collaborating together?

‘Well I have always really enjoyed the way Jordy has written his music, based on his surroundings and current situations, so I thought it’d be a good idea to reach out to him and see how the two genres of Indie Rock and Pop sounds when they’re put together, in which I’d say has gone pretty well.’

What has inspired you to create this new album?

‘Chlo.G and I have both incorporated our own experiences in this album and it explores both of our background and journeys’

‘Yeah as Jordy said we’ve covered a range of genres in this album, and we were inspired by our experiences’

Prediction - Future?

At this point the article may deal with the future developments or predicted outcome of the present situation, e.g. that a person will go on to become even more famous and successful, or that a current predicament will become worse if nothing is done about it.

Paragraph 4.

So do you think you’ll work together again in the future?

‘I have enjoyed working with Chlo.G so much, so I’d be up for it, but we’re both so busy over the next year with big projects.’

‘Yeah, I think even if we don’t work together again, we’ve definitely become close, as we just kind of bounce off of eachother, I think that’s why we worked together so well as we both knew what we wanted from this album and just had fun with it, while still putting the work in.’

‘And we’ve both been in contact with other artists who we have a common ground with so it’s more than likely we’ll end up working together again, especially since we’ve got on so well’

‘I agree because usually when recording it can sometimes be a bit awkward if you’ve got different visions on how you want the music to sound like and your different ideas can sometimes clash then you need to find a middle ground, but we just never had any disagreements or anything on the album, which will be released very soon...’

So finally guys, when actually is the release date for your album?

‘Our album ‘Tides’ is scheduled to be released on January 29th 2018.


The article needs a neat conclusion, which may be an ironic reference or humorous comment, or an evaluation of the different viewpoints, or a reference back to the beginning of the article, or a quotation.

Paragraph 5.

So you heard it here first guys. Chlo.G and Jordy’s album ‘Tides’ is being released on January 29th 2018. Make sure to grab your copy and send in your responses to the new album via our twitter page, facebook page or email us at GlamPop@popmusic.com

Now Draft your article together and lay it out on the DPS so that you can see if the word count is appropriate, if it fits and how it looks on the page.