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Board Meeting Minutes 11/13/2019.
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Minutes for Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting

6:00 P.M.  Joslin Memorial Library

Date:  November 13, 2019


PRESENT:  Jean, Trish, David, Sally, Carol, Jason, Anna, Liz



Additions or Deletions


Add logistics of fund raising request


Approve Draft Minutes:


Sally  moved, Trish seconded.  Accepted unanimously


 Friends of the Library Report:


No meeting has taken place since the last Board meeting.  Next meeting is next Wednesday.

Received $5700 from Lawson’s

Front door needs cleaning


Children’s Librarian’s Report


Numbers for story hour are down from the last report but up from numbers in a similar period last year.

Programs have been sparsely attended, but Chris Gluck’s workshop on creating art from nature was wonderful.  We’re hoping for a repeat performance, perhaps to build fairy houses.


Librarian’s Report:


Jason presented a report on the numbers of patrons, which have increased over last year’s figures.

We will try to have a program on using the telescope for star gazing.  

It would be helpful to get a copy of the district’s curriculum for the elementary schools – Carol

We have new chairs for the conference room and the computer stations from the Northfield Bank.


Old Business :  Review and act on 3 policies reviewed on Oct. 16th


Jean moved and Trish seconded that we adopt the revised policies on Circulation, Confidentiality, and General Rules of Conduct.  Unanimously approved.


President’s Report:


Spencer Dumas will be changing the locks on all the doors.  One key will fit all.

Elevator inspection will be in Jan.Feb.

Kingsbury emptied septic tank.  They will compete the project on Bridge Street to improve drainage soon.

Select board had its final hearing on the VCDB Accessibility Grant.  This closes out the file on our grant.


Treasurer’s Report:


Have not moved money into investments yet.

David is now handling our accounts again.


Financial Report:


Fund raising goal from letter should be about 5% of our total budget.

David reviewed our Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual

David reviewed a proposed budget report

David will deal with Green Mountain Global Forum money so we can track expenditures from the fund accurately.  It will be used for programming.

David introduced a proposed plan for investing


Trish moved to accept David’s proposal C for investment .  Jean seconded.  Unanimously approved.



New Business :  Identify date to discuss next 3 policies, as chosen by Jason


December 4th, 11:00 a.m.


Added Item: Mailing out 250 fund requests.


Need a day to organize mailing:  November  19th 10:00


Jason will get 250 copies of letter done in Montpelier and pick up envelopes.

Trish will get stamps.




At 7:55 p.m. Sally moved to adjourn.  Trish seconded.  Unanimously voted.



Respectfully Submitted,


Carol Hosford, Seccretary