Fall Prevention

We want you and your family to feel educated when it comes to Fall prevention. Below we include  ways to make your home and other areas safer. It also includes ways you can help your child move more carefully to prevent a fall.

What increases my child's risk for a fall? (Including but not limited to…)

What can I do to help my child prevent falls?

What should I know about falls if my child has a disability?

Your child's risk for falls is higher if he or she has a medical condition that decreases movement. Your child can fall while he or she is being moved or the position is being changed.

If your child is in a wheelchair, he or she can fall from or tip over the wheelchair. Wheelchairs that are not adjusted well or have a knapsack on the back can also cause falls. Support for wheelchair seats such as seat belts, seat angles, and custom molding may stop wheelchairs from tipping. Check your child's wheelchair or other equipment to make sure they are safe to use

Call 911 for any of the following:

Contact your child's healthcare provider if: